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Puerto Banus Guide

Guide To Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is a small area in between Marbella and San Pedro. Generally, any reference in the papers and magazines to ´Marbs´ is Puerto Banus, where the rich and famous have been coming for many years and more recently, all the Reality TV Stars.

Puerto Banus is a fantastic place and if you want to read all about its history you can here on Wikipedia. It has some great shops, stunning port with some absolutely breathtaking boats and yachts and a tremendous choice of restaurants, bars and clubs. There is also a wide selection of beaches and beaches clubs to choose from, so you really could holiday in Puerto Banus itself and not go anywhere else.

Personally, we feel that the Puerto Banus has two personalities – day & night. During the day it is a beautiful Mediterranean port with endless outdoor coffee shops and restaurants catering for every taste and culture where you can sit and watch the world go by.

By night after about 11pm the bars start to get going and it turns into a much noisier, busier night life area.   However, Puerto Banus is still a great place to wander where you generally feel comfortable and safe, although, you still need to be careful as you would be at home.


How to get to Puerto Banus

From Malaga Airport to Puerto Banus its around 65km and the journey will be about 45 minutes by car if no major traffic.  If you really don´t want to drive you can either take a taxi, private or shared transfer or even the bus from Malaga Airport to Puerto Banus which would involve changing at Marbella Bus Station.  There is no train…sorry!  If you are driving you want the N340 / A7 towards Cadiz / Algeciras, its just one straight road along the Coast.  As long as you are driving with the sea on your left and mountains to the right you are going in the right direction!  You can also take the Toll Road which is around 4€, 8€ in the Summer months.  Continue in the same direction and signs will appear for the Toll / Peage.   At busy times we recommend taking the Toll as the Coast Road can get very busy and can be quite dangerous.

Puerto Banus Car Hire

Believe it or not a taxi or private transfer could cost anywhere between 80€ and 100€, for not much more you could have the freedom of having a car with you and going to explore more of the Coast and Andalucia. We know a lot of people that come and think about sitting around the pool and beach for 2 weeks, but after a few days they get bored and end up hiring a car from one of the local places which end up costing a fortune.  You can obtain a quick quote here and if you have any questions about driving, roads, parking, you can chat with us on our Facebook Page.  Driving here really is very easy.

Puerto Banus Shopping Area

There are shops all over Puerto Banus from cheap High Street Shops to super expensive Designer Shops.  To make life really easy for you we have listed all the different areas to shop, opening hours and some value money saving tips.  Here is your complete guide to Puerto Banus High Street & Designer Shopping.

Puerto Banus Market

One of the largest markets on the Costa del Sol is the street market in Puerto Banus which starts at the bullring and continues down the road into Puerto Banus itself. It is held every Saturday morning and starts around 9ish and finishes between 2 & 3pm. The market is in the Nueva Andalucia Area.  If you are staying in Puerto Banus itself, just walk under the bridge up towards La Sala and you will come to the market.  There isn´t much shade so do wear lots of cream and maybe a hat.  Keep your eyes on your kids and also your purses and wallets.  There are Costa Del Sol  Markets every day.


Puerto Banus Bars

There are bars everywhere around Puerto Banus, it´s impossible to list them all and keep up to date but most holidaymakers tend to stick to Sinatras Bar, Salduba, New Cafe and Old Joys Piano Bar all on the Front Line Puerto Banus.  The young crowd will tend to head for the bars on the Second Line where Linekers is.  More on Bars & Clubs Puerto Banus.

Puerto Banus Restaurants

You are spoilt for choice with the Restaurants in Puerto Banus. Everyones favourite is still Picassos, the queues are incredible in the summer going all the way along the Port.  They even have security guards on the queue! In the busy months we highly recommend booking in advance where possible.

Puerto Banus Beaches Clubs & Beaches

Puerto Banus Beaches are very popular. You have numerous beaches either side of the port. The Ocean Club and La Sala Beach are probably the most heard about as this is where many of the Reality TV Stars hang out.  They supply big sun beds which cost quite a lot but can accommodate 3 or 4 people.  People save up all year to go here and spray champagne over one another.    However, if you just want a normal kind of Beach Bar there are quite a few to the left hand side of Puerto Banus going towards Marbella, you can rent sunbeds quite cheaply. Puerto Banus Beach Clubs & Restaurants.

Puerto Banus Popular Night Club Hangouts

If its clubbing you want there are tons of night clubs in and around Puerto Banus.  Remember Puerto Banus is quite small so everything is just a few minutes away.  AquaMist is by La Sala which is a very popular Club.  Then there is Olivia Valere which you would need to take a taxi to.  For more information on Night Clubs and Bars in Puerto Banus.  Please, whilst Puerto Banus is generally quite safe, you do need to watch your drinks, and girls, if its your first time Girlie Holiday, please stay together!

Casino in Puerto Banus

If you are looking for a Casino in Marbella, head to the Andalucia Plaza H10 Hotel which is on the main road just opposite Puerto Banus.  There are a number of different games including American Roulette, French Roulette, Caribbean Poker and Black Jack . There is also a room full of slot machines which is free to enter.

Cinemas in Puerto Banus

The Cinema in Puerto Banus has had quite a makeover a few years ago and is now called Teatro Goya.  They have made it a little more personal, toned down the bright colours and made it look quite chic.  They have many films in English and Spanish.   There are numerous loyalty cards which is well worth signing up for and don’t forget, 3 hours free parking in the main car park in the centre of Puerto Banus.  They update their films every Thursday.  For all information go directly to their Cines Teatro Goya – Puerto Banus Cinema

Kids in Puerto Banus

If you are looking for Kids Clothes Shops, you will find some little designer shops on the Front Line of Puerto Banus.  El Corte Ingles and Hypercor have a brilliant range of kids clothes too.  There is also Zara Kids and Massimo Dutti in Marina Banus.  If you are looking for entertainment for kids then  of course you have the Beach, a small play area to the end of the port area going towards Marbella and also a small play area inside Marina Banus.  In the Summer Months there are lots of activities for kids to do in the Main Square, Plaza de Antonio Banderas.

Golf on the Costa del Sol

If you are looking to play some golf while you are on holiday, then you have come to the right place. Within the local area there is Los Naranjos, La Quinta, Las Brisas, Aloha, Dama De Noche and many more.

Parking in Puerto Banus

Now in Puerto Banus there is Pay & Display.  This is valid from around 9am until 2pm and then again from 4.30pm till 8.30pm Monday to Saturday.  El Corte Ingles has parking from 10am to 10pm.  If you have an El Corte Ingles Card and spend over 30€ you get 2 hours free, otherwise its around 2.40€ per hour.  There is Parking in Marina Banus which also works out around 2.40€ per hour.  In the centre of Puerto Banus is a big Car Park, this is a bit more expensive than the others but this is the car park to use if you are going to the Cinema as they give you a ticket with 3 hours free parking.  We personally would avoid all other car parks as they are really expensive.  Stick to Pay & Display, El Corte Ingles or Marina Banus.

Puerto Banus Hotels

As its not a huge town, Puerto Banus itself only has a few hotels actually in Puerto Banus including PYR Hotel, Benabola Hotel and Melia.  Before booking any hotel do be sure of its location, just because ´Banus´maybe in its title doesn´t mean it is in Puerto Banus.  Andalucia Plaza is on the other side of the main road and is now an “Adult Only” hotel.    Hotels in Puerto Banus.

Puerto Banus Estate Agents

If you are looking for a property to buy or sell, you can send us a message via our Malaga Airport Facebook Page where we can answer any questions and hopefully put you in touch with someone we feel we can recommend.

Questions & Advice regarding Puerto Banus

We hope that you have found everything you need regarding Puerto Banus, however, if you have any questions, please come and join us and thousands of others and ask away on our Facebook Page.

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