Bank Holidays Spain

List of Spanish Bank Holidays 2020

On this page, you´ll find all the main Spanish Bank Holidays and the Local Holidays too.  Each area has its own Ferias (Fairs), so it´s always a good idea to check what´s going on before you book accommodation.

To give you an idea of what´s open on these Bank Holidays, here´s the 2020 timetable for Miramar Shopping Centre in Fuengirola. Most other shopping centres will be the same.

Spanish Bank Holidays

January 1stNew Years Day / Ano Nuevo
January 6th3 Kings Day / Dia de los Tres Reyes
This is really Spain’s equivalent of Christmas Day with presents left by the Three Kings the night before (5th). In most of the towns there are processions with sweets being thrown everywhere.  Take a bag with you!
February 28thAndalucia Day / Dia del Andalucia.  Most places close today so call beforehand to double check.
April 5th-12thHoly Week Santa Semana. A very religious week with processions every evening.
April 9th & 10thJueves Santos & Viernes Santo.  Some Shopping Centres are open these days.  Check beforehand though.
May 1stLabour Day / Dia del Trabajo
August 15thVirgins Assumption / Asuncion.  Some places are open, some close, so call beforehand.
October 12thSpain’s National Day / Dia de la Hispanidad
November 1stAll Saints Day / Todos los Santos
December 6thSpanish Constitution Day /Dia de la Constitucion
December 8thImmaculate Conception / Immaculada Concepcion (8th falls on a Sunday so Monday is a Bank Holiday.  Some shopping centres will be open, banks & offices will be closed.
December 25thChristmas Day / Navidad
Holy Week processions
Holy Week processions

Local Holidays Andalucia

The dates will change very slightly every year, so to keep this page up-to-date as much as possible, click here for a complete List of Ferias around Andalucia.

Alhaurin El GrandeMay
Alhaurin de la TorreJune

More Info about Spanish Bank Holidays

Spain is a large country with 50 different Provinces grouped into 19 Autonomous Communities, each with its own Capital.  So for example, Andalucia is an Autonomous Community with 8 provinces, and Seville is the Capital of Andalucia.  After many years of living here, it´s still quite confusing but you can read all about it here in Wikipedia.

If a holiday falls on a Sunday, Monday will be a Bank Holiday. The last year 2019, 3 Kings fell on a Sunday so Monday was a Bank Holiday, but all the Shopping Centres were open as all the sales started. Always check beforehand as you never know.  I have often driven all the way to Fuengirola, only to find out Miramar was closed.

Some schools and companies may take what´s called “Puente” (Bridge).  If there´s a holiday on a Wednesday and Friday then they may close the Thursday too.  Some schools and shops may also be closed because they have been affected by a holiday in another area.  For example, El Corte Ingles Marbella closes when it´s San Pedro Feria because their main depot is there.

Málaga feria typical dress
Typical Feria dress

What Is A Feria In Spain?

The Ferias are great local events that generally run for a week with lots of entertainment for kids and adults.  If you happen to be in town when one is on, it’s well worth a visit.  

During the day there´s lots of drinking, eating and dancing which normally takes place in the town area.  Then in the evening, it´s to the “Feria Ground” where you´ll find all the fairground rides along with the Casetas (small bars) with lots of drinking and dancing.  

You will find every age here from newborn to 100 years old.  It´s truly wonderful and it´s one of the things we absolutely love about Spain.  The Casetas do get very busy and where there´s drink, there can be trouble, so just be aware. The Ferias are really well lit and there is a heavy police presence there too.

Marbella Feria

As an example of a Feria, the Marbella Feria during the day takes place in Marbella Centre where the big fountain is near Avenida Del Mar (Google Maps).  There´s lots of stalls, drinks, food and dancing.  Local dance schools will put on shows and there will be lots of other entertainment too.

Once the evening comes, the Feria moves up to where La Cañada shopping centre is (Google Maps).  It´s a brilliant Feria, well lit and pretty well organised now.  You can park at La Cañada and there is a little train that transports everyone to the Feria Ground.  There are often special buses too in the local areas to save people driving.  Make sure you find out where your local Feria is.

Malaga Feria

The Malaga Fair is one of the most important Andalucian fairs of the summer. Its origin dates back to the 15th century. The open nature of the people of Malaga makes the Malaga Fair a cosmopolitan party, accessible to all those who want to live a unique experience. No invitation or evening dress required, just the desire to have fun. The Malaga Feria is a week-long event and it’s divided into two distinct events, in the centre during the day (Feria de Dia – Day fair) and, at night, in the city fairground (Feria de Noche – Night fair). For more info about Malaga Feria visit this page

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