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Welcome to the Malaga Airport Guide

Hello and welcome to the Malaga Airport Guide (AGP)! This is your comprehensive local guide to navigating Malaga Airport and enjoying the Costa Del Sol. It’s written by residents on the Costa del Sol, so all the information you find here is based on our local knowledge and personal experience. Whether you’re a frequent traveller, coming to study or live in Malaga, or you’re here on holiday, we aim to make your journey as smooth as possible. Learn More About Us and come chat with us in our Facebook Group!

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Malaga Airport Terminals Explained

Transitioning between Malaga Aiport’s terminals is easy. The airport has three terminals T1, T2 and T3. All Malaga Airport terminals are under one roof, functioning as one large terminal. This means you don’t need a shuttle to get from one terminal to another.

  • Terminal 2 & Terminal 3 – These serve as the main hubs for European and UK flights.
  • Terminal 1 – This terminal is closed to the public and only used when traffic surpasses both T2 and T3 capacities.
Málaga airport departure hall entrance

Navigating through the Airport

Once you’re through security, there are plenty of places to eat and drink. There are also some pretty good shops. However, after getting through Security, don’t forget you still have Passport Control to navigate. So don’t spend too long in the shops and keep an eye on your gate and boarding time! If you’re on a flight to the UK, you will need to head towards the departure gates marked C (or B in the summer). All internal flights leave from the gates marked D.

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Málaga airport Terminal 3
Malaga Aiport Departures Hall

RECENT NEWS – Important Updates Malaga Airport

In this section, we post recent changes, new airport services and important travel information relevant to Malaga Airport. Read all recent updates here.

  • Express Parking upstairs in Departures now only allows a free 10-minute stay – Before, you could stop here for 15 minutes to drop off passengers, but the time has now been reduced to 10 minutes.
  • Liquids at Malaga Airport – Whilst some airports have relaxed on this rule, Spain hasn’t changed it yet. So make sure your liquids are under 100mls and in a clear bag.
  • Courtesy Minibuses – The minibuses operated by the long-term parking and car hire companies have moved from the tunnel. They are now just behind the train station, straight ahead as you leave Arrivals. Always double-check the meeting point location with your parking company.
  • New Fitness Zone & Silent Area – There is now a new Fitness Zone at Malaga Airport on floor 1 in the boarding C area. Just around the corner, there is also a new “silent space” called Relax & Go where you can read, listen to music or just rest.
  • EXPANSION PLANS 2024 – According to AENA, 2023 was a record-breaking year with 22 million passengers passing through Malaga Airport. Now, AENA is planning to extend Malaga Airport. See more Malaga Airport statistics and facts.

Transport to and from Malaga Airport

Navigating to and from Malaga Airport is easy with a variety of transport options. Find all the information you need here:

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Malaga Airport Parking

Malaga Airport offers a huge choice of parking options, both short and long-term. The highlights include:

  • There’s an Express Passenger Drop Off, but only the first 10 minutes are free.
  • The short and long-term car parks based inside the airport are convenient but costly.
  • For longer stays, there are many reasonably priced off-site car parks.
  • There’s a new car park by Arrivals which is brilliant for meeting arriving friends and family.

For the full list of all parking options, locations and prices, click here to learn more about Malaga Airport parking.

General Information About Malaga Airport

Malaga is the fourth busiest airport in Spain, just behind Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. It is located just 8km from Malaga City centre. It’s the main airport for all resorts on the Costa Del Sol: Torremolinos (10 minutes), Benalmadena (15 minutes), Fuengirola (20 minutes), Calahonda (25 minutes), Marbella (30 minutes), Puerto Banus (40 minutes) and Estepona (60 minutes). It’s also brilliant if you fancy a weekend away in Malaga City, which we highly recommend.

Other Airports Close to the Costa Del Sol

As locals who love this area, we hope that you choose to travel through Malaga Airport! It’s the best airport for many destinations on the Costa Del Sol. But if the flight times don’t work for you, the cost is too high, or maybe you fancy travelling through Spain and seeing some other fabulous places, there are other options: Granada & Seville Airports (2 hours away), Jerez Airport (1.5 hours away) and also Gibraltar Airport which is actually closer to areas like Tarifa, Manilva, Duquesa, and Estepona. Andalucia is a fantastic area to travel around with some great cities to see. If you want any advice on places to visit, just ask in our Facebook Group.

About Us

Malaga Airport Guide is written by residents here on the Costa Del Sol. We moved here in 2003, ended up staying and raising a family here – and have now lived here more than 20 years! Our extended family still live in the UK, so we fly there frequently. We love travelling in general and have flown to many parts of the world from Malaga, so we know the airport extremely well.

This website was born out of our frustration of not always being able to find clear, concise information about Malaga Airport’s services and facilities. So our aim is to always provide you with the best, most up-to-date information possible – along with our personal stories, travel experiences and knowledge of living here on the Costa Del Sol.

Come Chat With Us!

Alongside this website, we started a Facebook group called The Costa Del Sol Travel Forum which now has more than 18K members! It’s a very active and friendly group, with lots of frequent Malaga travellers and residents who are always happy to share their experiences and offer tips and advice. So come and join us! We’re always happy to have a chat. We also have a Facebook Page with over 19K followers, where you can get our latest updates and news.