WIFI at Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport WIFI

Let’ start by saying that Malaga Airport WIFI could be better. The signal varies, in some areas it can be very slow or just not work at all.  If you are reliant on WIFI whilst at the airport then either pay for it or we recommend going to the VIP Lounge.

Many people complain about the WIFI at Malaga Airport as if Free WIFIi is available and works perfectly in all Airports, all over the world.  We travel a lot and find that this is not quite the case, especially in the UK.  Sometimes if access is free, its not very fast and in some instances there is no coverage at all.  Obviously, it does depend on areas and number of users.

The good news is that things have improved at Malaga and generally along the Costa Del Sol where many, cafes, restaurants, bars etc have free wifi available.  Portable WIFI Routers are also a popular gadget now and they are available for rental at the Airport too. You can read more about this further down.

Málaga airport free Wi-Fi

Kubi Wireless WIFI

KubiWireless is the company providing wifi access to Malaga Airport.   KUBI offer a free and unlimited service, as the picture above says;

  • Connect to Airport_Free_Wifi_Aena
  • Open your browser and visit Wifiaena.com
  • Choose your product and browse

If the airport is really busy, you may find the service is quite slow.  Sometimes it may be worth restarting your phone.

For further information you can download the PDF version of the airport free WIFI FAQ


There is also FREE WIFI in the Malaga VIP Lounge.  On this page you can find all details on how to access the VIP Lounge at Malaga.  It´s a great area to relax and unwind or catch up on some emails, should your flight be delayed for any reason.

Portable WIFI Router Hire

You can now rent portable WIFI Routers from the Airport.  The company have 2 desks within Malaga Airport.  One for picking up the router which is just after the Baggage Reclaim leading to the Arrivals Hall.  The other is in Terminal 3 Check-In Area, this is where you would return the WIFI Router after your holiday.  There is a stand just next to the cash machines before security.

Prices start from 29.90€ for 3 days, 39,90€ for a week up to 85€ for 4 weeks.  You can find all information about the Malaga Airport Wifi Router Hire here.  Should you be unable to obtain the routers from the airport, there are other places along the Costa Del Sol that also offer similar services.    They really are very handy, we used one for months when our Telefonica Line was broken and we could take it anywhere with us.

Tips – Be sure to close all apps

Firstly, before you fly, we highly recommend talking to your phone company.  Many providers offer free roaming, its worth spending a few minutes speaking to your provider.  Your phone bills can sneak up rapidly if you have applications continuously running.  So be sure to go into your settings and turn off all the apps that really aren’t necessary, especially Facebook etc.  

We tend to keep Phone, Messages, WhatsApp on but be sure that pictures and videos  don’t play/upload automatically.  Spending a few minutes on your phone and your kids phone can save you a lot of money. Remember you can also set these messages so they only come through when you are in a WIFI area.

Wi-Fi hotspot sign

WIFI Hotspots on Costa del Sol

There are many places that have Free WIFI along the Coast.  Many Supermarkets including El Corte Ingles and Alcampo offer Free WIFI, you do need to sign in.  Cafes, bars restaurants have all improved because they know this is what their customers want.  Most McDonalds along the Coast also have free wifi access.  If you do need access to a computer and printer many hotels have these areas available or look for Internet Cafes here normally called “Locutorios”.   There are many of these places around, especially in the local Spanish areas.

Public WIFI security tips


  • Allow your Wi-Fi to auto-connect to networks
  • Log into any account via an app that contains sensitive information. Go to the website instead and verify it uses HTTPS before logging in
  • Leave your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on if you are not using them
  • Access websites that hold your sensitive information, such as such as financial or healthcare accounts
  • Log onto a network that isn’t password protected


  • Disable file sharing
  • Only visit sites using HTTPS
  • Log out of accounts when done using them
  • Use a VPN, to make sure your public Wi-Fi connections are made private

For further information read the full article