Driving Directions From Malaga Airport

Driving Directions Malaga Airport

This page has all the information you need for driving directions to and from Malaga Airport.  

Malaga Airport address is:
Avenida Comandante García Morato, s/n,
29004 Málaga,
You can use Google Maps to get the driving directions you need on your phone.

Driving in Spain

With all the technology we have at our fingertips, whether you use Google Maps or a similar app, driving in Spain has never been easier.  If you  hire a car you have the freedom to drive anywhere you want, along the Costa Del Sol, Andalucia or even around Spain.    Driving in Spain is brilliant, the roads are superb to drive on and Andalucia is a brilliant area to explore as is the rest of Spain.   The roads here are great, although the N340 (Coast Road) does have some dangerous bends where we have many accidents.  The speed limit has been reduced to 80kmph so do watch the signs.  Generally, driving from the Airport is well signposted and unless there has been a serious accident the traffic flows pretty nicely.  With the sea and the mountains it´s quite easy to know what direction you are driving in.  If you´re driving towards Estepona / Gibraltar the sea should be on your left and the mountains on your right.  If you´re driving towards Nerja, then the sea should be on your right and the mountains on your left.  

Driving Vs Public Transport

Once you pass Fuengirola, there are no trains, just buses and taxis.  The trains are brilliant, fast, cheap and efficient so if you’re staying near one of the train station, then I would use the train.  If you’re staying further along the coast and want to see things, then you should hire a car.  Most of the time people don´t hire a car for the fear of driving on the other side of the road but once you get used to it, it´s easy.  The difficulty is when you drive a right hand vehicle here…that´s when its tricky!    If you can drive you can drive anywhere.  

First Time Driving Abroad?

Is it your first time driving abroad?  Honestly, once you do it, you´ll never look back.  Having the freedom of a hiring a car when you  go on holiday is fantastic, especially here on the Costa Del Sol, there is so much to do and see.   It is a bit strange the first time you sit in a left hand drive car, but once you get the hang of it the coordination will come very quickly.  Don´t just take OUR word for it.  These are comments and advice from our followers on Facebook.

Some Driving Tips for First Timers

  • Sit in the car and become familiar with the pedals and the using the gears in the right hand.
  • Some people think Automatic may be easier for the first time driving abroad, although others feel that the gears help you with your coordination
  • Roundabouts are tricky, so as you are approaching keep saying to yourself, give way to the left, drive around to the right.
  • Keep at a reasonable speed, not too slow, but not too fast and don´t feel pressured by other drivers.
  • Keep noise within the car to a minimum so you can concentrate.
  • Use the map above and click the person icon and make notes of places to look out for so you are familiar with the area before driving there.  Its brilliant and really helps if you are a bit of a nervous driver or if you don´t like maps.
  • Keep your eyes on the cars 2 or 3 ahead, traffic on the N340 it can suddenly stop
  • Where there is an exit, do move over to the fast lane for cars that are joining, some do just pull out.
  • Remember as long as you are driving a left hand drive car in Spain, passengers in the ditch as it should be and driver in the centre.
  • NEVER try and turn left or across a dual carriage way.  Just continue until you come to a ´Cambio de Sentido´which is a Change of Direction.  Do NOT risk your life to save a couple of minutes.
  • If you miss your exit, do NOT panic.  Cambio de Sentidos are frequent junctions where you can change your direction.
  • Speed Limits – In Spain speed limits are implemented rigorously. Radar traps are frequent. According to the Spanish law, it is considered a penal crime to break the maximum speed limit by more than 60% (punishable with up to 6 months of prison)
    • Motorway 120 km/h
    • Open Road 80 – 100 km/h
    • Town 30 – 50 km/h         
  • Blood alcohol level – A minimum fine of between 500 € and 1.000 € will be applied to drivers caught driving over the drink-drive limit.
    • Normal limit 0.5 mg/ml (0.8 mg/ml in UK)
    • New drivers limit 0.1 mg/ml

Tips on driving abroad in Spain

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