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Fast Track Security

Fast Track at Malaga Airport

Malaga Fast Track

Fast Track Airlines at Malaga

Good News!  There is Malaga Airport Fast Track!  Bad News!  It´s not Fast Track where anyone can just pay to go through – for the moment anyway.

Malaga Fast Track is only for passengers flying the airlines listed below and who are Business Class Card Holders or similar.  When you check in, or on your boarding pass, it should state clearly that you can enter the Fast Track Lane which you will see when approaching Security.  If you do not have the boarding pass with the correct stamp, they will not let you through.



If you are aware of other airlines that allow you to use Fast Track that it is not mentioned here please let us know.

When you book online and check in, you will be told if Fast Track is available to you.  You may also have free access to the VIP Lounge  which is a nice, large, quiet area with free wifi access.  A great space to sit and relax if your flight is delayed, or if you need to catch up on some work.

Going Through Security

Remember to have your boarding pass ready and that it should have a stamp saying you can go via Fast Track.  If it doesn’t they will not let you through.  Whether you have Fast Track or not, this is the area where many people loose their items, keys, phones, jewellery, bags even.  Security can be a stressful moment of your journey, but it doesn´t have to be as bad if you take some time to prepare in advance.  They queue up and at last minute are throwing their cards, money, phones, watches into the trays

We highly recommend taking  a couple of minutes before you join the security queue to prepare yourself and your children.  Have your liquids ready in a clear bag.  Be sure you have no water lurking around in your bags.  Remove belts, watches, big necklaces and phones from your pockets and place safely inside your bag or coat pocket.   If you do loose any items, you can find the Lost Property Numbers here.   Here are some more tips on going through security.

If you have any questions or queries, you can come and join us and thousands of others on our Facebook Page.

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