VIP Lounge At Malaga Airport

VIP Lounge Malaga Airport

The VIP lounge at Malaga Airport has recently been refurbished and looks fantastic. You can sit by the windows overlooking the whole departure lounge area with a clear view of all the shops, restaurants and passengers coming and going.

The food has really improved too with different food coming out all the time for breakfast, lunch and dinner including lots of different hot food including paella and stews.

Malaga Airport VIP Lounge
VIP Lounge

Where is the VIP Lounge at Malaga Airport?

As you leave the large Duty Free Shop after security, turn right and it´s just up the stairs or there is a lift.    If you feel like a bit of a treat, have a delayed flight or wish to catch up on some work/emails, the VIP Lounge is a great place to sit for a while in a very relaxed atmosphere with Free Wifi Access.  It´s also worth a visit if you have a Priority Pass which gives you free access.

A word of warning!  Don´t rely on the screens to show your flights!  Flights are boarding 1 hour before the flight departure time and the screens may not show your flight, so check with reception.

The VIP lounge is huge with lots of oversized sofas, chairs and tables where you can sit and relax or have a meal before your flight.  Unlike many other VIP lounges we have visited, this never feels busy as it´s so huge at over 2,600sqm.

Malaga Airport VIP Lounge resting area
VIP Lounge Resting Area

How to enter the VIP Lounge

You can enter the VIP Lounge by either of the following,

  • Via your Airline Ticket if you are a Business Class Ticket Holder or have Associated Club Cards
  • With your Priority Pass (information here)
  • Pay on entry, Adults  €33.90, Kids €15.60,  Under 6´s free *Prices seem to vary to check at time of booking.
  • There may be offers if you book in advance or if you have a special club card for the airport.
Malaga Airport VIP Lounge Internet Area
Vip Lounge Internet area

Opening Times & Contact Details

The lounge is open every day from 6 am to 11 pm. Times may vary in summer months   You can also make a reservation by Telephone: 0034 952 048 8544 or 952 074 675 Fax: 0034 952 048 822 or E-mail:

Whats Included in the VIP Lounge at Malaga?

The food has really improved here with lots of different sandwiches, salads, hot dishes like paella and cakes.  If you’re going to be staying here for a couple of hours and have a good appetite, it could be worth paying because you can pay anything up to 10€ for a sandwich at one of the other bars/restaurants.

All snacks and drinks are included in the price of your entry.  There is often a queue to get in so if you don’t have much time until your flight, it may not be worth it.

They have also put back small water bottles, so you can grab a couple for the flight!

Malaga Airport VIP Lounge Kids Area
VIP Lounge Kids Area

Food at Malaga Airport VIP

What’s on offer may change day to day, but generally, there are cereals, sandwiches, salads, donuts, danish pastries, biscuits, tea, coffee, soft drinks,  olives and crisps.  There are TV areas with a large amount of seating, one is at the back and a bit more private.  A great newly refurbished area overlooking the departure lounge and there are also computers and printers, free wifi access,  meeting areas, an excellent selection of newspapers and magazines, air traffic information, fax service, 2 sets of nice clean toilets and also access for people with reduced mobility. There is also a small jewellery shop in the lounge as well.

All said and done €33.90 (price at the time of entry) is a lot of money to pay, however,  if your flight is delayed and you need somewhere quiet to sit to pass the time and check your emails, then it’s not bad value when you consider that you could easily spend €30 on a couple of sandwiches and drinks over a few hours in any airport.

Other information you may be interested in is Fast Track at Malaga Airport.

Final Thoughts on Malaga VIP Lounge

The price does seem expensive, however, having recently travelled via Bristol Airport and Heathrow, this lounge really is a great lounge.  It´s huge and never feels too busy.  Always lots of food, toilets are incredibly clean and the wifi has always worked.  We recently visited Heathrow T5 lounge and it was like a bus station although the food was very good.  Bristol Airport, the lounge wifi rarely works properly when we are there this time there were no toilets in use and the food was pretty poor.

Malaga Airport VIP Lounge Meeting room
VIP Lounge Meeting Room