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Bars and Restaurants Malaga Airport

Bars & Restaurants Malaga Airport

There are many bars and restaurants at Malaga Airport scattered all over, in both the public areas and passenger only zones.  There has been a lot of renovations lately at Malaga and the latest arrivals are Costa Coffee and Giraffe Restaurant.  The latest news is Dani Garcia (Michelin Chef) will be opening a version of BIBO (Puente Romano, Marbella & Madrid) in Malaga Airport in April.

Like most airports, the food and drink isn´t cheap, so don´t be shocked when you get the bill for 10€ for a sandwich and water.

The New Giraffe World Kitchen Restaurant at Malaga Airport

Waiting For People At The Airport

Whether you´re picking people up at Arrivals or having a lengthy goodbye in the public Departures Hall, there are numerous places to sit and wait.   Just outside the Arrivals Halls is Caffe Di Fiore.  This is also useful if you are waiting to catch a bus.

VIP Lounge Food

We often sit and eat at the VIP Lounge, which serves the basics like toast, olives, biscuits and pastries. We are not big eaters when it comes to airports and boarding a flight so this suits us perfectly as what they serve is very basic.  Unless you have a Priority Card or a ticket which allows you to enter free of charge, you may feel it´s a little expensive, but it´s more about being in a quiet area with free wifi and being able to continue to work, read or just relax.  Good if your flight is delayed.



If you have any food allergies or intolerances, be sure to let the staff know when ordering or ask for alternatives / suggestions.  Spain in general has become much better when it comes to intolerances and allergies but of course you may find that the airport is limited for choice.

Cafes & Restaurants Public Area at Malaga Airport

Public Zone can be upstairs in the Departure Area or downstairs in the Arrivals Area.

  • Caffe di Fiore – outside arrivals hall
  • Carte D´or – T3 by security
  • Coffee Daily
  • Starbucks – T3 departures hall inside and outside
  • Four Arrows
  • Whopper Bar – T3 by near security

Cafes & Restaurants Passenger Zone Only

These restaurants can be found after security in T3.  Burger King is located upstairs.

  • Baker Street
  • Caffe Di Fiore
  • Carte D´or
  • Costa Coffee – NEW
  • Soho Coffee
  • Starbucks
  • Dehesa
  • Four Arrows
  • Burger King (upstairs)
  • Upper Crust
  • Exploring The World (formerly Dani Garcia)
  • Giraffe World Kitchen – NEW
  • Mums Kitchen
  • Sabora Mar
  • Malaga VIP Lounge upstairs


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