Malaga Airport Museum

Malaga Airport Museum

Many of you have probably passed the sign for the Malaga Airport Museum or Museo del Aeropuerto Malaga, a hundred times and never given it a second thought.

There are countless websites that have written information about it, but not one that has left us or anyone we know, yearning to go a see it.

So, we decided to take a visit for ourselves and we are so pleased we did.   This is an AMAZING part of Air Travel History and Malaga Airport.  We believe it is well worth a visit whether as part of a day out or if you have some spare time to or from the Airport.

A museum for all ages, kids will love it as much as the older generation.  It´s an amazing glimpse back in the days when Air Travel was luxurious.

Málaga airport museum

About The Museum

On arrival the staff in reception were really helpful, giving us a map of the Museum and a quick explanation of all the different buildings.   The first building was full of old uniforms, tickets, weighing machines and so much more, it was amazing to see how travel has changed over the years.  There is also an old plane which you can go in to.  You will not believe how small the overhead compartments are.  Apart from all of this, there is also an interactive area for the kids which they will love.

The next building is the original Malaga Airport, the check-in lounge, departures hall, bar and the watch tower. Full of fabulous photos of how luxurious air travel truly was.

The final building has planes, helicopters, engines and all the old communication equipment.

Where is the Malaga Airport Museum

As you drive towards the airport (the original way), the parking companies will be on your right and the San Miguel Building is on your left, at the round about turn left following the signs for Aviation General Museo.    Next to the museum is the Private Malaga Airport Terminal Building.

Av. del Comandante García Morato, s/n, 29004, Málaga
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Parking at the Malaga Airport Museum

On Tuesdays afternoons and Saturdays mornings we were told that you could actually park in the Museum Grounds.  All other days you would need to find parking around the San Miguel Building or in one of the Paying Car Parks.

Opening Times

Tuesdays 10am till 8pm.  Wednesdays to Saturdays 10am to 2pm.

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