Flights to Malaga Airport

Flights to Malaga Airport

Skyscanner (the box above) is brilliant to use when searching for flights to and from Malaga.  Just add the airport you are leaving from, your destination and if you are looking for a one way or return flight.  On the following screen you can select the times when you would prefer to depart, arrive and also if you prefer a direct flight or with stops.  It´s simple to use and best of all, it´s up to date.  We have set this to Malaga but you can change this to any airport you wish.

Malaga Airport Flights

Malaga Airport has come a long way since we first moved here and the amount of flights have improved so much over the years.  There´s so much more choice and many more destinations to choose from.  

Whilst Malaga Airport has grown, it isn´t a hub, so if you live here and looking to travel outside of Europe, you may find yourself still having to book a flight back to the UK or Madrid to start your journey which is annoying and an additional expense. Should you be interested, you can check our page with Malaga Airport Statistics for 2019.  

Málaga airport flights screens
Airport flights screens – Credit: Kiev.Victor /

Booking Flights & Things to Take Into Consideration

Before booking your flight to Malaga, take a few things into consideration. Booking that cheap, late-night flight could end up costing you.  Also, don´t forget to check our Bank Holiday & Local Holidays Page.

  • Hiring A Car?  If you are hiring a car, please note that the car hire companies do close, some at midnight and some at 2 am in the summer months, so avoid the last flights in case of delay.  Be sure to read the small print on your car hire voucher. Also, don´t forget to add your flight number when booking your car.
  • Taking the Bus or Train? The last train and bus are on or before midnight, so if you book a cheap, late-night flight it could cost you an expensive taxi journey.
  • Collecting keys for your accommodation? Be sure of the times you can collect keys.
  • Booking different airlines for your outbound and inbound journeys?  Be sure about the luggage allowances as different airlines will vary.  You don´t want to be charged extra.
  • Travelling is stressful and not knowing where you are sitting or if you will be sitting together as a family adds even more stress.  Book your seats to avoid this agro.
  • If you need to contact any airline we have a page where we list all Málaga airport airlines and their contact details.

Other Airports Close To Malaga Airport

If you are looking for other airports to fly to, you could also look at Gibraltar Airport which is very convenient if you are staying the Estepona side of the Costa Del Sol and up to Cadiz.  There is also Jerez, Granada and Seville Airport if you fancied a bit of a driving holiday.  Spain is a fabulous country to drive through as there´s hardly any traffic on the roads.

If you wanted more information on travelling through Spain and places to stop on the way, feel free to join The Costa Del Sol Travel Forum.  We love helping people with ideas of routes to take through Spain.

Malaga Airport to Gibraltar Airport 127 km – Google Maps directions.

Malaga Airport to Jerez Airport 230 km – Google Maps directions.

Malaga Airport to Granada Airport 127 km – Google Maps directions.

Malaga Airport to Seville Airport 222 km – Google Maps directions.

Direct links to some of the airlines: