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Guide to Monthly Temperatures on the Costa Del Sol

Costa Del Sol Temperatures and Weather for the next 7 days, detailed forecasts and practical advice for what clothes to pack.

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To find out about the Costa Del Sol temperatures and weather just visit our page about Malaga Airport Weather.

Costa Del Sol Temperatures and some practical advice

We have lived here for over 20 years now and can tell you that the weather has changed incredibly over the years. 2023 and 2024, for example, have been two of the strangest years. We have had two very dry winters and desperately need some rain. January and February were quite mild, with some days where it was so hot it felt like summer.  Easter has always been a funny month where it can rain a lot, causing flooding. But this year it was early in March and there were a couple of nice days followed by some rain. Then we just had a rainy, cooler spell towards the end of April. Summer is predicted to be hot, hot, hot!

January to February

A lot of warm days, and when the sun is out you can definitely walk around in a T-shirt but when you step into the shade you feel the cold. You can get some cold winds and when it rains it pours and can get chilly. Pack jackets, jumpers and coats for the evening and some days. Most apartments have marble or stone tiled floors which get chilly so bring slippers.  This is the time of year when you see the Spanish in fur coats and the English in vests and shorts!

March to April

In the eight years, we have lived here it’s been wet at the end of March and beginning of April … and I mean wet, as this seems to be the rainy season! So bring something waterproof or an umbrella just in case. If it’s not raining it can get quite warm, but you will certainly need cardigans or jackets for the evenings.


Warm but not too hot! You can usually guarantee some sunbathing but the evenings can be a bit chilly so bring a jacket or wrap. You can still get some rain during this month.

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June, July & August

HOT!!! so bring things to keep you cool. July and August are the hottest months on the Costa Del Sol with temperatures being known to reach 45°C, but this is rare.  Normal temperatures are in the high 30’s so bring lots of cool, loose clothing and a hat to protect you in the sun.


A lovely month, hot at the beginning and cooling down at the end. The school holidays are over the tourist season quietens down a bit. You shouldn’t need a jacket or coat but bring one just in case if you are coming at the end of September.

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A bit like April as this is the month when the Costa Del Sol weather changes. The cooler weather comes along with the rain. October is the time that unheated swimming pools stop being used, but you should still get some sunbathing weather – but the days are shorter.

November & December

When it’s sunny it’s warm – and when there’s no sun it’s chilly. The weather is similar to January and February. Make sure you bring the slippers for those cold floors. A few years ago it was 21°C on Christmas Day and there were people on the beach!

The year-round temperate climate on the Costa del Sol means that planning outdoor activities
is not restricted to the “odd” nice day in the winter. We have therefore provided information on a selection of things to do including articles on all Costa Del Sol Markets, a selection of Costa Del Sol Theme Parks and Plaza Mayor – a large entertainment complex adjacent to Malaga Airport

Average daily max temperatures


Average relative humidity


Average rainfall


Average daily sunshine


Average wind speed (mph)


Source Met Office

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