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In the table below, you’ll find live flight information for Malaga Airport Arrivals (AGP Arrivals) to Terminal 2 (T2) and Terminal 3 (T3). Including domestic and international flights, all Malaga Airport arrivals today, and Malaga arrivals tomorrow. Simply select the time of arrival below.

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Arrivals Hall Guidance

What terminal is arrivals at Malaga Airport?

The main Arrivals area of Malaga Airport is located in downstairs in T3 (Terminal 3). Some domestic flights may still land in T2 (Terminal 2), but luckily as T2 is housed in the same building as T3, you’re always only a short walk away from the main Arrivals area. When arriving on domestic or EU flights, you may first need to walk through the Departures hall with all the shops, which can be confusing. However, the way to the main Arrivals Hall downstairs is well signposted, so just follow the signs.

No shuttles are needed

You’ll never need to take a shuttle from one terminal to another at Malaga Airport because all terminals are housed in one building. The signposts are easy to follow and everything is within walking distance. The travelators, lifts and escalators make navigating between terminals easy.

Assistance and accessibility

If you have difficulty walking or have any other impairments that might prevent you from reaching or finding Arrivals easily, you can pre-arrange assistance at Malaga Airport.

Map of Arrivals

On the AENA website, you can view an interactive Malaga Airport map. Click on Terminal and then Floor 0 in the top right corner to view the main Arrivals area.

Passport Control

If you’re flying into Spain, you may be required to show a passport upon arrival. This depends on the country from which you initially departed:

1. Schengen Area passengers

Travellers who arrive from countries within the Schengen Agreement won’t need to go through passport control. Simply follow the signage to the baggage reclaim area.

2. Non-Schengen Area passengers

If you’re flying in from a country not within the Schengen Agreement (for example UK, Ireland, USA) you’ll need to go through passport control before claiming luggage or exiting the airport.

What about connecting flights?

If your connecting flight came via a Spanish airport or another Schengen area airport, but your original departure airport was outside the Schengen area, then you must still go through passport control.

How long does it take to get through passport control at Malaga Airport?

Generally, getting through passport control is relatively fast at Malaga airport. The queues can seem long, but they flow steadily. Having said that, in peak seasons queuing times increase (during summer, UK school holidays, around Christmas, etc.) and you may have to wait around 30 minutes to get through.

Baggage Reclaim Explained

After passport control, head down to the baggage reclaim hall to collect any checked-in baggage.

Carrying only hand luggage?

Remember to follow the same signage as everyone else! Even if you only have hand luggage with you, the airport arrivals exit route is the same for everyone.

How to collect checked-in baggage at Malaga Airport?

There are several luggage carousels provided for both T2 and T3 arrivals. T2 features 11 carousels, while T3 has separate carousels for EU (7), Non-EU (4) and special baggage (1).

  • Non-EU arrivals must pick up their luggage from the Non-EU section. After this, you need to go through Customs where you’ll be asked if you have anything to declare.
  • Those arriving on internal or EU flights will first pass through the main upstairs Departures hall with all the shops, and then head downstairs to the baggage reclaim.

Safety and security tips

Keep an eye on children to prevent them from climbing on the carousels. Watch your belongings closely to avoid leaving anything behind while collecting your luggage. It’s easy to make a mistake when you’re tired after a long flight, so double-check you’ve grabbed the right suitcase!

After Baggage Collection


The Arrivals area inside Malaga Airport offers a small Duty-Free Shop and a desk where you can buy or rent SIM cards and WiFi routers. Outside, there is a newsagent. Find out more about Malaga Airport shops here.

Cash & currency

There is a Currency Exchange desk by the luggage carousels. Cash machines can be found as you head toward the Arrivals exit, as well as outdoors, after leaving the Arrivals hall. Discover more Malaga airport passenger services here.

Restaurants, coffee, food

There is a cafe in the Arrivals hall and a small restaurant outdoors very near the Arrivals exit on the right. Usually one is open 24 hours. Find out more about Malaga Airport restaurants here.

Malaga Airport Arrivals: Cash Machine
Malaga Airport Arrivals: Cash Machine

How do I pick up someone from Arrivals at Malaga Airport?

Meeting points near the Arrivals exit doors

If you’re meeting someone at the airport, you can simply arrange to meet in the Arrivals hall by the Arrivals exit doors. If you have arranged to meet outside, there is a signposted Meeting Point just as you exit the main door.

Can I wait in a car at Malaga airport to pick up someone?

There is a short-term car park upstairs on the Departures, Floor 1 level. However, it is free for only 10 minutes. After that, it gets very expensive at almost 7€ per hour.

Therefore, many Costa del Sol locals park and wait somewhere nearby, away from the airport, such as the Plaza Mayor Shopping Centre. Once your friend has cleared passport control and collected their luggage, ask them to call you and meet you upstairs, outside in the Departures short-term car park, on Floor 1. Tell your friend to take the escalators or the lift up to Floor 1, head outside, and then to the right to find the short-term car park. Meanwhile, it will take you 5 minutes to arrive. You can then scoop them up and be on your way, for free.

Málaga Airport Arrivals - Credit: Caron Badkin /
The main outdoor exit at Malaga Airport Arrivals – Caron Badkin /

Malaga Airport Airlines – Contact Details

Forgot something on the plane? Need to contact your airline? Visit our page with all the contact information for the airlines operating at Malaga Airport.

Transport Options Malaga Airport Arrivals

Car hire located inside Malaga Airport Arrivals

If you have hired a car from one of the car hire companies housed within the Malaga airport building, head either to the car hire desks near the luggage carousels (Floor 0, main Arrivals area) or downstairs to the basement (“SotanoFloor -1). Check with your car hire company beforehand to ensure you know which floor they’re located on.

Off-Site Car Hire & Courtesy Shuttle Bus Stop

If you’ve chosen an off-site Malaga car hire company, you will be given instructions on where to meet them. You’ll most likely be collected by one of their Shuttle Buses. The off-site car hire Shuttle Bus Stop has changed locations a few times, so we recommend you check with your car hire company when booking. At the time of writing, these are the latest, correct instructions to find the car hire shuttle bus stop:

  1. Leave Malaga Arrivals by the main door and go straight ahead.
  2. Cross the pedestrian crossing.
  3. Continue straight ahead, in the direction of the train station.
  4. Right behind the train station, you will find the courtesy bus stop.
  5. Keep an eye out for your car hire company’s vehicle!

Shuttle bus stop for off-site car parking

Looking for the courtesy shuttle bus meeting point for off-site car parking companies? The same instructions, as explained in the paragraph above for off-site car hire companies, apply.

Malaga Airport Arrivals: Courtesy Shuttle Bus Stop
Malaga Airport Arrivals: Courtesy Shuttle Bus Stop

Booked a Private Transfer?

If you have arranged a private transfer to collect you, continue to the Malaga Airport Arrivals Hall exit (where friends and family wait for arrivals). Here, you’ll usually find your private transfer company driver holding up a sign displaying your name. Having said that, we do always recommend you double-check the meeting point with your Private Transfer company when you book, just in case they ask to meet you somewhere else.

Taxis at Malaga Airport Arrivals

If you’re taking a taxi to your destination, leave the Arrivals Hall, and you will see Malaga Airport Taxis just outside on the right. For all estimated prices to various destinations, go to our Taxis page. Taxis do have meters now, so you can see the prices. We also have UBER and Cabify ride services here now.

Malaga Airport Arrivals taxi rank - Credit: Caron Badkin /
The taxi rank outside Malaga Airport Arrivals

Buses from Malaga Airport Arrivals

As you leave the Arrivals Hall, you will see the Ticket Office in front of you. Just behind it, you’ll find the Malaga Airport bus station. There are three stops here: one for the local bus to take you into Malaga City, one for the direct airport bus to take you to Marbella, Estepona, Algeciras and La Linea, and the third one is for all other destinations. Find out more about Malaga Airport buses here.

Malaga Airport Arrivals: Bus Stop
Malaga Airport Arrivals: Bus Stop

Trains from Malaga Airport Arrivals

The train station is just 2-3 minutes walk away. As you leave the Arrivals Hall (T3) main exit, walk straight ahead. You’ll pass the ticket office, head across the pedestrianised forecourt, pass the bus stops, and then you’ll see the Renfe Malaga Airport train station right ahead of you.

The train line that stops at Malaga Airport is called the Malaga Cercanias line, which simply means “the Malaga commuter line”. It can take you as far south as Fuengirola or as far north as Malaga City (and from Malaga City inland to Alora). If you wish to travel to other destinations like Madrid or Barcelona by train, then you must go to Malaga City to the Maria Zambrano Station. This is where the main Malaga City coach station is too, if you wish to continue your journey by coach to further destinations.

Find out more about trains from Malaga Airport here.

Malaga Airport Arrivals: Train Station
Malaga Airport Arrivals: Train Station

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