Passenger Assistance At Malaga Airport

Passenger Assistance At Malaga Airport

If you follow our busy Facebook Page, you may have found some posts regarding Assistance at Malaga Airport and generally, the feedback is fantastic.

We recently spoke to the people from “Sin Barreras” ourselves and have to say we were most impressed with the help and information we received, particularly from one lady who spoke perfect English.   In fact, wandering around, many of the ´Sin Barreras´ staff were chatting away to people and seemed really nice and friendly.

Problems With Assistance

There have been a few people mention about problems they face with long waiting times and not the best service.  Instantly we saw one problem and that is the position of the Main Help Desk in Terminal 3, just by Security.

This area is extremely busy and quite stressful with people queuing for security, people arriving at the terminal, people at the cafes and people asking for help.  There was also a long queue at the Information Point where you need to confirm that you are at the airport ready for your assistance.

So our advice is to enter via Terminal 2 and just over to the right, in the centre of T2 & T3 is the main Passenger Assistance Area called Sin Barreras.

Málaga airport passenger assistance

Booking Malaga Airport Assistance

There are 4 Steps For Assistance

  • Book the service in advance
  • Go to one of the meeting points
  • Check-in, Security & Boarding – you will have assistance through all processes
  • Arrival at your destination where you will be assisted once again.

A few comments that people have had to say about the service..

“We have always had assistance at Malaga airport they have always been helpful and friendly x”

“Used T2 this week excellent treatment well done managed to get buggy as 3 of us needed assistance”

“My mother had pre-booked Assistance for her flight yesterday and it was a treat everything went well. A Big Thank You”

Whilst there, we also asked about kids with Autism & Aspergers and she said, of course, they can assist with this too.  The problems come when passengers haven’t booked this Free Service or if they haven´t booked the correct service.

  • You must book within 7 days but definitely 48 hours before your flight.
  • You can book online or by telephone 0034 902 404 704 with AENA
  • Go to any meeting point (pictured above) at the time that has been allocated to you.
  • Meeting points are situated inside and outside the terminals, parking, arrivals forecourt, check-in areas, bus & train station
  • Make sure you have your passport and any documentation you have been asked for
  • Be sure you book the correct service you require for your disability
  • Book the service with your airline as well at the time of booking flight.

Whats Included in this service?

  • Collection at the agreed Meeting Point
  • Assistance with hand luggage
  • Accompanying to the check-in desk and assistance with procedures
  • Accompaniment to the boarding area, passing through the security checkpoints, customs.h
  • Help boarding the aircraft and accompanying the person to their seat.
  • Accompanying from their seat on a plane to door of the airline and debarkation
  • Transfer to the baggage hall, passing through the required controls
  • Transfer to the meeting point in the destination airport

All this information can be found on the Official Aena Website for Airports in Spain

assistance 3
assistance 4

Other Information Passengers with Reduced Mobility

There are lots more rules and regulations regarding this service for all the different types of disabilities.  Therefore, if you do require more in-depth information please consult with your airline direct or you can come and chat with us on our Facebook Page where we can try and help you with your specific enquiry.  Alternatively, you can find a lot of information here about travelling with ill health, pregnancy and kids travelling alone.  Also here about travelling with a Guide Dog and Wheelchairs at Malaga and also for people with impaired hearing.

Train Stations with Accessibility for Wheelchairs

We have been informed by RENFE, the train company,  that all the Malaga Cercanias Lines, except for Torremolinos have either a lift, ramp or access for wheelchairs.   If you are in doubt you can chat with others here on our Facebook Page.

Airlines Assistance Codes

WCHR passengers requiring assistance during the transfer from aircraft to the terminal but are capable of boarding and moving around the aircraft alone. WCHS passengers requiring assistance between the aircraft and terminal and on boarding but are capable of moving around the aircraft alone. WCHC passengers with no mobility who are not self-sufficient. They must be accompanied to their seats and require complete personal assistance. For journeys exceeding three hours, these passengers must have an escort. DEAF passengers with hearing impairments. BLND passengers with vision impairments. DPNA passengers with any type of intellectual or development disability MAAS passenger who requires assistance. WCHP passengers who require assistance to their seats but who are capable of moving around the aircraft in a wheelchair and are self-sufficient in their personal care.


If you need to make a complaint about your booking or if your booking was denied, you can send an email to this address or make use of the Aena complaint form, which you will find at the airport information desks.  Please be sure to leave reviews especially if the service was just ok or excellent.  Sometimes people only leave reviews to complain.