Live Malaga Airport Departures Information

Live Flight Departures from Malaga Airport

Use this chart to find all Malaga Airport Departures (AGP Departures) from T2 & T3 (Terminals 2 & 3) for Domestic & International Flights.  Just select the time of Departure.  If you have any problems finding your flight or have any other questions you can come to chat with us on our Facebook Page.  If you are looking for  Malaga AGP Arrivals you can find all the information here Malaga Costa Del Sol Airport Departures powered by Airportia Flight Tracker

Departures Halls –  Before Security

Málaga Airport hall before check-in – credit: Tupungato /
Airport hall before check-in – credit: Tupungato /

Approaching Departures By Car

The departures hall is upstairs, so when approaching the airport make sure you´re following the sign for “Salidas”.  If using the new road, it´s pretty straight forward.  If coming from the old route where the car parking places are on your right, then as you go over the big roundabout, you need to bear off to the right.  It is signposted but it´s not that clear.

Dropping Off

If you’re dropping people off at Malaga, you now have to take a ticket to drive through.  There´s no more quick drop off and nowhere to stop anymore.  If you are dropping people off you need to enter the first car park where the first 15 minutes are free. Prices are 6.68€ for the first hour and 6.38€ per hour thereafter.  A whole day is 58€ so be sure to leave your car in the correct car park!

Check In

Departures and check-in/bag drop takes place in T3 and maybe T2, it´s all one big area so don’t worry too much, just check the desk number for your flight on the screens when you enter departures. Trolleys are free and generally, the queues at the check-in desk aren´t too bad, but during the peak season expect to wait a while so allow extra time.


With the tighter security regulations, we do advise you to arrive at the airport two hours before your scheduled departure time. Once you have checked in, keep your boarding pass handy as you will need to show it at security or you can use your mobile and scan your boarding pass.

If you´re travelling cabin baggage only, have checked in online and printed off your boarding card, then when you arrive at the airport you can go directly to security (T3).   Security is where many of you lose your personal items, phones, keys, iPads etc.  It can be stressful but it is for your own safety.  We have written some Tips for passing through security  calmly without losing your belongings.

If you are travelling via Norwegian or Iberia there are Automatic check-In Desks where you can check-in and print boarding passes.  These are in Terminal 3.

Fast Track Security

There is  Fast Track for certain passengers flying Business Class or similar with specific airlines or you can now pay 4€ per person.     It´s probably worth the 4€ at peak periods.

As soon as you are through security you will enter the “Passenger Only Zone” where you will find the duty free shops and boarding gates. To get to all the shops and restaurants you do have to walk through the Duty Free Shop to get to the Malaga Airport Shopping Area.

Passenger Amenities

You will find the following passenger amenities in T3 in the public area before you go through security

  • The lost property office  is located (T3) just before security or you can email them on
  • For items left on the plane, you need to go to your airline’s office in Departures.
  • If you need to claim VAT the desk is just to the right of Security (T3 First Floor)
  • You will find the Chapel / Multi-denominational Oratorio on the ground floor (T3) in the public area.  It is open from 6 am to 10.30 pm
  • The pharmacy is in the public zone on the first floor and is open from 8 am to 10 pm
  • If you need medical assistance, you can find the Medical Centre on the ground floor
  • Cash Machines, shops, restaurants & cafes including StarBucks.  Here´s a guide to bars and restaurants.
  • Various Airline Desks
  • Fast Track Security 

Passengers with Reduced Mobility

“Sin Barreras” is the department to help people with reduced mobility.  There is an Information Desk between T2 & T3 and also in T3 just before Security.   They are there to help you, so if you need help ask for it.  We have provided a set of guidelines on the assistance provided by Spanish Airports for passengers with special needs and mobility problems and how to organise this before arriving at the airport.

Malaga airport airlines

Should you need to contact any airline, we have a page with information (web, phone numbers etc.) about the airlines operating at Malaga Airport.

Departures Hall After Security

Málaga Airport hall after security - Credit: elRoce /
Airport hall after security – Credit: elRoce /

Once you have gone through security, you enter the “Passenger Only Zone”.  You have to pass through the Duty-Free Shop to go through to find all the other shops which include Desigual, Gap, Victoria Secrets and many more.  There are many restaurants including the new Giraffe Restaurant cafe.  You´ll also find the VIP Lounge, passports and boarding gates.  Throughout the Departures Lounge, there are many vending machines selling food, drink,  personal hygiene and medical products including plasters, heat patches, toothpaste, deodorant and even baby food.

VIP Lounge

There is a VIP lounge on the second floor which is right above the shopping area.  As you come through Security turn right and it’s just up the stairs. The VIP Lounge is open from 6 am to 11 pm.  For all information on the VIP lounge check this page.   If you have a Priority Pass or flying club, then it´s worth going in for free if you can.  They do not call flights in the lounge so you need to keep a check.

Passports & Boarding

Keep an eye on your boarding time and gate numbers.  Remember that you may need to go through Passports, so allow enough time in case there is a queue, although generally, it´s not too busy.  Once you have passed Passports you cannot go back into the Shopping Area so be sure you have done all your shopping.  There are some more Duty-Free Shops, cafes and vending machines in the Boarding Gate Area.

Malaga has three boarding docks. Dock B for non-European Union non-Schengen traffic. Dock C for European Union non-Schengen traffic and the new dock D for Schengen traffic (both European Union and non-European Union ). The 4 boarding gates located at the end of Dock D may be used, when necessary, for non-Schengen traffic.  Remember to keep your Boarding Pass handy to show when you board the plane.


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