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In the chart below, you’ll find live flight information for Malaga Airport Departures (AGP Departures) from Terminal 2 (T2) and Terminal 3 (T3). The information includes domestic and international flights, including all Malaga flight departures today and Malaga departures tomorrow. Just select the time of departure below.

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Approaching Malaga Airport Departures By Car

The Malaga departures hall is located upstairs. So as you’re approaching the airport, drive slowly, keeping an eye on the signage. On the motorway, look for signs for Aeropuerto (Airport) and when you’re close to the airport building, look for signs for Salidas (Departures). Follow the signs, and they will lead you onto the upstairs level ramp.

How do I drop off passengers at Malaga Airport Departures?

Once you’ve driven up the ramp to the upper-level Departures area, collect a car park ticket from the barrier and proceed into the short-term Express car park. Here, you are entitled to 10 minutes of free parking.

  • If you exit the Express car park within 10 minutes, simply use the ticket you received at the entry barrier to exit the car park without charge.
  • However, if you stay longer than 10 minutes, you’ll need to validate your car park ticket at the ticket machine. The price is over 6€ for the first hour, and the same price for each hour thereafter.

Departures Hall Guidance

What terminal is Departures at Malaga Airport?

Once you enter the big Departures Hall at Malaga Airport, you’ll be inside a building which houses both Terminal 3 (T3) and Terminal 2 (T2). Because T2 and T3 are both in the same building, you don’t need to take a shuttle from one terminal to another. Whichever terminal you’re departing from, all the check-in desks as well as Security are in the same area. You can walk quickly from one side to the other.

Check-in desks / Luggage drop-off

Do you need to check in or drop off luggage before your flight? If so, as soon as you enter the Malaga Departures Hall, find the nearest screen showing all the flights. Look for your flight number, to see which check-in / luggage-drop desk corresponds to you. Note that both T3 and T2 check-in desks are all within the same Departures hall, all within walking distance from each other.

Norwegian and Vueling Airlines have automatic check-in machines in T3 where you can check in and print boarding passes.

Trolleys are free, and generally, the queues at the check-in desks aren’t too bad. However, during peak season you should expect to queue a little longer, so make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare.

Assistance for reduced mobility passengers

“Sin Barreras” is the Malaga Airport service provider that helps people with reduced mobility. They have various meeting points throughout the Departures public hall. We recommend you always book assistance ahead. However, if you need urgent on-the-spot assistance, look for the “Sin Barreras” signs and ask for help. Read our comprehensive guide on Malaga Airport mobility assistance to learn more.

Málaga Airport hall before check-in – credit: Tupungato /
Airport hall before check-in – credit: Tupungato /

Other passenger services in the Departures public zone

You will find the following passenger amenities in the public zone of Departures in T3, before you go through Security to the passengers-only zone. These are:

Security at Malaga Airport Departures

How long does it take to get through the airport security in Malaga?

Security regulations at Malaga Airport are tight, so we advise you to arrive at the airport on time. How early should you arrive at Malaga Airport? We recommend at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure time. In peak times, it’s a good idea to arrive 2.5 – 3 hours earlier. Check with your airline, if in doubt.

Where is the Security checkpoint in Malaga Departures?

Once you have checked in online or at the airport (and, if applicable, dropped off any luggage) you need to head to the Security checkpoint in T3. Don’t worry if your check-in is in T2, as both T2 and T3 are under one roof and the Security checkpoint is always just a short walk away.

Do I need my boarding pass for Security at Malaga Airport?

Yes, to join the Security check queue at Malaga Airport, you’ll need your boarding pass. There are electronic gates at the Security area entrance in T3, and you’ll need to scan the QR code on your boarding pass to get through. You can use a printed boarding pass or a digital boarding pass on your mobile phone. At this point, you will not be asked for your passport. However, you’ll need your passport later for passport control and boarding, so keep it handy!

Hand luggage: items allowed by Malaga Airport Security

After you’ve entered the Security area through the electronic gates, you will need to put all your hand luggage and personal items in trays, which will then be x-ray scanned by the Airport Security staff. Items that need to go in the trays include:

  • Any bags, including handbags, rucksacks and children’s bags
  • Suitcases (however big or small, cabin suitcases must be placed in a tray)
  • Jackets and coats
  • Children’s pushchairs or car seats
  • Any toys that are not packed into bags / your child is carrying in their hands
  • Any electronics must be taken out of bags and placed in the trays separately. Including phones, tablets, laptops, e-book readers, chargers, etc.
  • You can only take up to 100ml containers of liquids through the Security check. These containers must be stored together in a see-through plastic bag and placed in a tray separately. This includes soaps, shampoos, perfumes, creams, aerosols, foams, gels, toothpaste, etc.
  • Remove all metallic items and place them in the tray. This includes belts with buckles, coins and keys from your pockets, etc.
  • If wearing boots, you may be asked to remove them and place them in a tray.
  • Plus any other items the Security staff may ask you to remove/check.

Safety tips

Malaga Airport Security is where many people lose personal items like phones, keys, iPads and children’s toys. So come prepared. Make sure the items you need to place in the Security check trays are easily accessible within your hand luggage, so you can pop them out and back in quickly and easily. Even if there are long queues and lots of people, take a deep breath and remain calm. Remember, that while getting through Security can feel stressful, it’s there for our safety.

Fast Track

There is a Fast Track Security lane available at Malaga Airport Departures. Is Malaga Fast Track worth it? Read our comprehensive Fast Track article here. There are four ways to get Fast Track in Malaga:

  1. You can buy it as an “added extra” when you book with specific airlines. Check if the option is available when booking your flight.
  2. Many passengers flying in Business Class or similar have it included on their boarding pass.
  3. Some holders of Airport Business, Priority, Club or VIP cards are automatically entitled to it. Check with your club or card provider.
  4. Alternatively, you can book Fast Track on the AENA website.

Passengers-Only Departure Zone Malaga Airport

As soon as you get through Security, you will enter the Departures “Passengers-Only Zone”. Here, you’ll find shops, restaurants, cafes, the VIP lounge, and more.

Shops and restaurants

As soon as you come through Security, you’ll be directed to walk through the main Malaga Airport Duty Free Shop, which sells perfumes, liquors, tobacco and souvenirs. When you come out the other side, you’ll find more shops and restaurants. Throughout the Departures Lounge, you’ll also find vending machines selling food, drink and personal hygiene products like plasters and toothpaste, and even baby food. Get more information about Malaga Airport shops and restaurants

VIP Lounge

There is a VIP lounge on the second floor which is right above the shopping area.  As you come through Security, turn right and it’s just up the stairs. For all information on the VIP lounge check this page. If you have a Priority Pass or you’re flying club, then it’s worth going in for free if you can. They do not call flights in the lounge, so you need to keep a check.

Other services in Malaga Departures

You’ll also find a Quiet Zone, work areas and children’s play areas in the main Departures passenger-only zone. Check the AENA interactive map for locations.

Passport Control

Once you get through Security, find the nearest screen and check your flight boarding gate. Keep an eye on the boarding time! Remember that if you are flying to a non-Schengen or non-European Union country, like the UK or USA, you may still have to go through Passport Control. Generally, the queue is not too long, but in peak season it’s best to reserve extra time for this.  

Once you have passed Passport Control, there are very limited shops, cafes and vending machines – and you cannot go back into the main shopping area. So be sure you have done all your shopping before.

Boarding gates

Remember to keep your Boarding Pass and passport handy to show when you board the plane. Malaga Airport Departures has three main aeroplane boarding docks. The ones used by tourists and national travellers are Gate docks B, C and D:

  • Dock “B” boarding gates for non-European Union, non-Schengen traffic, like the UK and USA.
  • Dock “Cboarding gates for European Union, non-Schengen traffic, like Ireland.
  • Dock “D” boarding gates for national Spanish and Schengen traffic (both European Union and non-European Union).
  • Additionally, the 4 boarding gates located at the end of Dock D are sometimes used for non-Schengen traffic.

Malaga airport airlines

Should you need to contact any airline, we have a page with information (web, phone numbers etc.) about the airlines operating at Malaga Airport.

Malaga Airport Departures Lounge After Security
Passengers-only area Malaga Airport Departures – Credit: elRoce /

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