Malaga Airport Minibus Hire

Malaga Airport Minibus Hire

This is our full guide to Malaga Airport Minibus Hire. Are you travelling to Malaga with numerous family members or as a large party? Maybe you’re a group of golfers? If so, you may want to consider hiring a minibus. Hiring a minibus is more affordable than taking taxis or hiring two small cars.

Our Personal Experience of Malaga Airport Minibus Hire

A couple of years ago we had six members of our family come over. The logistics of them either hiring two cars, or getting two taxis, and then trying to go anywhere together as a family just wasn’t going to work. So, we hired a minibus for the nine of us, and honestly, it was the best thing we could have done. We were all able to travel together and only had one vehicle to worry about parking. The weather was a little off, and we could all still get out and about comfortably.

Get Prices for Malaga Airport Minibus Hire

Arranging a Minibus or People Carrier hire is just as easy as normal car hire. There are many vehicle types and models to choose from. By filling in all the relevant details in the car hire search box below, you will find that minibuses can generally accommodate between 7 to 9 passengers. More and more golfers are also choosing these bigger vehicles for space and comfort. Alternatively, get a quick quote here.

Price Comparison

Minibus vs Malaga Airport Mini Bus Hire

If there are more than 4 of you travelling and you need to take a taxi, you may well need 2 taxis, as the majority still only take 4 passengers. Let’s take Puerto Banus for example. A Taxi for 4 will cost between 83€ and 100€ depending on the date, time of day and luggage. Times this by 2 taxis and then a return journey, you are already looking up to 400€. Plus all the taxi rides you may take during your stay and the inconvenience of not having your own vehicle. Taxis also charge extra for pick-ups at the airport, have a minimum charge, and also charge for each piece of luggage over a certain size.

Car Hire vs Malaga Airport Mini Bus Hire

You may need two 5-seater cars, plus all the add-ons for each car, such as insurance, car seats, named drivers, etc. There’s the need to take 2 cars everywhere, and always trying to follow each other and double the charges for car parks. Hire a minivan or bus, you only have 1 vehicle to worry about and everyone travels together. Prices vary a lot on the cars, so you can do your own price comparison and get a quote for Malaga Car Hire here. The great thing whether you hire a car, minivan or bus is that you have your own transportation throughout your holiday.

Malaga Airport Minibus Hire - Get 7 and 9 seaters for large groups, families and golfers

Choosing a Vehicle

Whether you are playing golf, spending time with the family or travelling around Spain, it’s nice to have that little extra comfort and space – especially when driving long distances. When deciding on exactly which minibus or people carrier to hire, be sure to consider all the space you need for luggage or golf bags. The amount of space left for luggage will of course depend on the number of people who will be travelling in the vehicle.

The majority of people carriers, and especially minibuses, have little or no space in the boot. Therefore, you need to plan accordingly and hire the appropriate size and type of vehicle.

One important thing to remember is that minibus hire is becoming increasingly popular in peak times. This is no surprise considering the benefits it gives families and large groups. Due to this reason, we highly recommend that you pre-book your minibus hire as soon as you can. We normally book our car hire as soon as our flights are booked. Another reason to book in advance is that most car hire fleets do not hold a large number of minibuses so they could run out. You can also get the best price booking early.

Tips for Malaga Airport Mini Bus Hire

  • Don’t forget to bring your driving license
  • Remember you may need a DVLA Code
  • Have your car hire voucher ready
  • To avoid queues, have someone go on ahead to sort the vehicle hire, whilst the others collect the cases
  • Check the vehicle over fully
  • We recommend taking the Insurance which reduces your liability to Zero
  • Beware of car break-ins; don’t leave anything in the vehicle at any time, even if it’s not on show
  • Familiarise yourself with the vehicle before setting off
  • Make sure your lights are on if it’s nighttime when you set off

Before you go…

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