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Car Parks and Parking Charges

Car Parks & Parking Charges

You have a huge choice of parking at Malaga Airport.  Choosing which car park to use totally depends on you and your circumstances.   There are car parks situated directly at Malaga Airport, which are very convenient, but they do cost.  Then there are a huge amount of Off-Site Car Parks which are great for long term parking.

  • Are you picking people up or dropping them off?
  • How long do you need to leave your car for?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • Do you want the car as close to the airport as possible?
  • Do you require assistance?
  • Do you mind your car being outside or prefer undercover

Short Term Parking

You have these 3 options for short term parking at the Airport

  • The Quick, Free Drop Off
  • The Express / First Class Car Park
  • Parking 1 Malaga Airport

Quick, Free Drop Off

drop off Malaga AirportYes, you can still drop off very quickly upstairs at Departures for free unlike many airports in the UK.   We say quickly and that is what it is meant to be, but sometimes people are naughty and park there for a short while.  Remember this is Spain, not the UK, where many driving and parking rules are not taken any notice off.  Enjoy the fact that you can still drop your friends and family off for free.



Express Parking/First Class CarPark

EXPRESS PARKING MALAGAThis car park is the closest car park for the terminals, however it is also very expensive.  We would use this if we were dropping people off or picking people up, knowing their flight isn´t delayed beforehand.  Prices are approximately 1€ for the first minute followed by 0.05€ per minute  2 mins to 30mins.  Then 0.08€ 31 to 60 minutes and it continues to rise to a cost of around 36€ per day.  11 spaces for people with reduced mobility.

Website: www.reservaparking.com


P1 Car Park Malaga Airport

Parking Malaga AIRPORT

This covered car park is a very convenient car park for the airport terminals,  but once again, not cheap.  You can travel directly into the terminal via the travelators and the 2nd floor is the best floor for the terminal.  We would use this to pick people up. 47 spaces for people with reduced mobility.

You can see all the prices here, approx 0.89€ for the first minute, 0.02€ per min 2 to 30 minutes and 0.05 per minute over 31 minutes or 19€ a day up to 4 days then 16.50€ a day thereafter.  Website: www.reservaparking.com


Long Term Parking at Malaga Airport

There are lots of long term parking companies to choose from.  Most have their own shuttle buses and will drop you off and then pick you up in the tunnel which is accessible by turning right when you leave the arrivals hall.  Generally you give them a call once you have picked up your baggage.

You will see some cheap prices but often these depend on the duration, how long you book in advance and the cars will probably be left outside in the boiling sun or rain.  Do choose a reputable company and not just one in the middle of nowhere because its cheap.

Picasso Parking Malaga Airport

Picasso Parking Malaga AirportWe personally use Picasso Parking Malaga. This car park is far from being just an ordinary Long Term Car Park.  Firstly it is absolutely spotless, you cannot believe cars are going in and out all day. There is a cafe/restaurant for a quick, cheap bite to eat and they also have many discount cards for activities along the Coast.

Not only that, they also have a full car cleaning service, servicing department where you can have your wheels, oil and breaks checked and they can even do an ITV check, whilst you are away.  Your car is kept undercover with 24 hour security.

Dropping off and collection was very efficient and the shuttle vehicle spotless, with a smartly dress, polite driver. What more could you ask for?  When picking up your car, just give them a call once you have picked up your cases and they will meet you in the tunnel.

Picasso Parking Telephone Number is 0034 656 674 919

Malaga Airport P3  Long Term Stay

This is accessible via a shuttle bus every 10-15 minutes, with a journey time of around 5 – 10 minutes. These times also depend on customer demand, so you could be waiting a while if you just miss the shuttle.  17 spaces for people with reduced mobility. Prices will vary on the number of days stay.  You can get a quote online at  www.reservaparking.com.


Offers covered parking for about €7.50 per day with a 30% discount after 22 days. Minimum charge €30.00.  They offer secure undercover indoor parking and the cars and premises are fully insured. They also provide a car valeting service. As you drive towards the airport they are on the right. Look for the large green sign for “Easy Parking”.  The shuttle bus service takes about 3 minutes.

Car Hire Parking, VIP Parking & Private Flight Parking

Car Hire Parking

Parking Malaga Airport

The car park for car hire companies are on floors 0 and -1 of the P2 car park (for picking up vehicles) and on floors -1 and -2 of P1 car park (for returning them).  As you drive into the airport, it is clearly signposted where to go, just drive slowly so you don’t miss your line.

Always check when picking up your car exactly where you should drop it off.


 VIP Parking

VIP parking offers the convenience of leaving your car with someone who will be waiting for you to arrive to take the vehicle away and park it safely. On your return you can pick it up in the arrivals area . You can also order other services, such as car washing, checks, MOT, etc.  Prices vary a lot depending on the number of days stay.  VIP Parking Malaga

P7 General Car Park

This is situated near the general aviation terminal P7  and is ideal if you travelling on a private flight.  Prices vary but have a daily charge of around 19€ per day up to 4 days and then around 16.50€ thereafter.  To book or for more information call 0034 913 211 000.

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