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Car Hire in Malaga Airport

Car Hire Malaga Airport

There are pver 20 companies but only 7 of them are located in terminal buildings 2 and 3 with parking on floor -1 of P2 and floors -1 and -2 of P1.

Access to the Malaga car rental desks in Terminal 2 is via a ramp in the arrivals hall. You will notice large signs that point you to a ramp that takes you downstairs to where the offices are based. The desks are located in the ground floor arrivals area of Terminal 3. Once you have picked up your keys a member of staff will inform you on which level of the car park and bay number you can find your car. Both car parks are connected to Terminal 3 through the transportation hub.

The offsite companies are mainly located on Avenida Garcia Morato running parallel to the airport and you will have to take a courtesy bus to get to them.

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Some Good Tips

Some local advice to avoid the queues at the desks (especially during the summer months) is that if there is more than one of you in the party and you have to wait to collect hold baggage, then the non-driver wait to collect the bags from the carousel and the driver goes on ahead to avoid the inevitable rush when other passengers have collected their luggage and head for the desks.

Car hire Malaga Airport is a very competitive business and well worth shopping around to see what deals are being offered as you can often make some great savings.

Try to book your car as far in advance as you can as this often secures the best deal and also ensures that you get the make and model of vehicle that you require.  When making the booking take into account the number of passengers and amount of luggage you will have to transport, as there is nothing worse than not having enough space and everyone feeing crammed in and uncomfortable.

You should also book any extras like child seats or restraints which are a legal requirement in Spain this stage, especially during the summer months when supplies can run out.  Hire cars with air conditioning are also a “must” during the months of July to September.

Drop-Off Points

You return your car via Avenida Garcia Morato which is the approach road that comes off the MA-21 (formerly N-340) national road.

Just after the roundabout you will see all the relevant road signs which indicate what lane you should be in to access different areas. Car rental return will be the first exit road to your immediate left.

Follow the signs until you reach the entrance of your car park. You do not have to return the keys to the original office in the terminal as there is a corresponding desk for each company in the car park.

The car park is on floors 0 and -1 of the P2 car park (for picking up vehicles) and on floors -1 and -2 of P1 car park (for their return).

Firms located in Terminal Buildings

avis car hire at malaga airport

Malaga Airport
T2 Lower Ground Floor: T3 Ground Floor
Telephone: +34 902 109 384
Email: atencion.alcliente@avis.es

Website: Avis

Enterprise car hire at Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport 507
Malaga 29006
Telephone: +34
952 048 503


europcar at malaga airport

Malaga Airport
T2 Lower Ground Floor: T3 Ground Floor
Telephone: +34 952 170 850
Email: es_customerservice@europcar.com

Website: Europcar

goldcar car hire at malaga airport

Malaga Airport
T2 Lower Ground Floor: T3 Ground Floor
Telephone: +34 965 233 173
Email: agp@goldcar.es

Website: Goldcar

hertz car hire at malaga airport

Malaga Airport
T2 Lower Ground Floor: T3 Ground Floor
Telephone: +34 952 233 086

Website: Hertz

record car hire at malaga airport

Malaga Airport
T2 Lower Ground Floor: T3 Ground Floor
Telephone: + 34 670 020 827
Email: reservas@recordrentacar.com

Website: Record

sixt car hire at malaga airport

Malaga Airport
T2 Lower Ground Floor: Terminal T3 Ground Floor
Opening Hours:
Telephone: +34 952 247 604
Email: ap6994@sixt.com

Website: Sixt


Companies Situated Offsite

The majority of the offsite companies are located in Avenida Garcia Morato which is the main connecting road leading up to and exiting the airport. Agents with offices located on Avenida Garcia Morato are Auriga Crown, Autolink, Cargest, Centauro, First, Global Car Hire, Marbesol, Malagacar hire, Nixa, Pepecar, and Top rent-a-car.

Centauro and Global Car Hire are slightly further away in the Villa Rosa Industrial Estate which is situated just the other side of the N-340 national road.

Another four offsite offices are located just over the roundabout after the BP garage on the right hand side in Edificio Checkpoint which is right next to the train station for Malaga Airport. These are Autolink, Marbesol, Tony’s rent-Top Rent a Car and Yellow Car.

auriga crown at malaga airport

Avenida García Morato, 30
29004 Malaga
Telephone: +34 952 175 095

Website: Auriga Crown


Avenida Garcia Morato 50
Edeficio Checkpoint. Planta 1. Puerta 3.
29004 Malaga
Telephone: +34 952 560 204/Fax: +34 952 565 701

Website: www.autolink.es

car gest

Avenida García Morato, 32
29004 Malaga
Telephone: +34 952 173 520/Fax: +34 952 177 044

Website: www.cargest.es.


Calle de Pascal, 30
Poligono Industrial Villa Rosa
29004 Malaga
Telephone: +34 902 104 103

Web: www.centauro.net

first car group

Malaga Airport
Avenida Garcia Morato, 13
29004 Malaga
Telephone: +34 952 245 080/Fax: +34 952 245 688

Website: www.firstcargroup.com

global car hire

Carretera Guadalmar
Poligono Industrial Villa Rosa
Telephone: +34 952 105 110/Fax: +34 952 237 145

Website: www.globalcarhire.net


Avenida Garcia Morato, 50
Edificio Checkpoint
Malaga 29004Telephone: +34 952 234 916/Fax: +34 952 234 915

Website: www.marbesol.com

malaga car

Avenida Garcia Morato, 34
Telephone: +34 952 176 225

Website: www.malagacar.com

niza cars

Avenida Garcia Morato, 44
Malaga 29004
Telephone: +34 952 236 179/Fax: +34 952 236 184

Website: www.nizacars.es


Avenida Garcia Morato, 44
Malaga 29004
Telephone: +34 807 414 243

Website: www.pepecar.com

tonys rent a car

Avenida Garcia Morato, 50
Edificio Check-Point 1-3
Malaga 29004
Telephone: +34 952 236 689/Fax: +34 952 236 490

Website: www.tonysrentacar.com

top rentacar

Avenida Garcia Morato, 38
Malaga 29004
Telephone: +34 952 105 528/Fax: +34 952 238 641

Website: www.topcars.es

yellow car hire

Avenida Garcia Morato
Edificio Checkpoint
Malaga 29004
Telephone: +34 952 494 000/Fax: +34 952 493 970

Website: www.yellowcar.com

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