Gloria Hoyos Reviews, Malaga

Malaga City has some fantastic places to eat, you will be spoilt for choice. Gloria Hoyos was recommended to us and it certainly didn´t disappoint. Here´s our quick Gloria Hoyos Review.

Gloria Hoyos Gastro Bar, Malaga

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I tried to find a little tapas place we went to last time where the food was memorable, but after walking around and around and not getting any closer to finding it, I decided to give Gloria Hoyos a go which was recommended by some friends who regularly visit Malaga City and it also had some great reviews online. It´s slightly further away from the busy Calle Larios area.

Gloria Hoyos Gastro Pub
The chicken with leak & parmesan

Gloria Hoyos Reviews

Gloria Hoyos is a really casual, quite small Gastro Bar with a few low tables, a couple of high bar stools and 2 sofa areas. It gets really busy, so if you really want to visit, then I would reserve a table if it´s possible.

The menu isn’t huge, but it does have something for everyone including vegetarian, fish, shell fish, poultry and meat.

I was on my own so was restricted on the amount of food to try. I highly recommend going with a few more people so you can try a bit of everything as it all looked delicious. The portions are very generous for sharing.

Gloria Hoyos Gastro Pub
Fried avocado

The waitress recommended the Chicken Medallions with leak and parmesan which was cooked to perfection and absolutely delicious. I was pretty full after this plate but the tempura avocado with sweet chilly sauce was shouting out at me. I have never dreamed of frying avocado. Let´s say it didn´t disappoint. Everything plate I saw was beautifully presented.

On my second visit with friends we had burgers, chicken fingers, the aubergine timbal and it was all really really good.

The Bill

A large bottle of water, plate of chicken and tempura avocado = 12€. Yes 12€. Great value for money.

Where is it?

It´s about an 8 minute walk from the end of Calle Larios. Just follow maps. I´d never be able to explain where it is.

Only Negative

The only negative thing is that there’s not many staff serving and when it was full, I saw people waiting quite a long time to be served. But it´s worth the wait, I promise! More staff means more costs and I´d rather wait and have these great prices.

This is not an ad, the meal was paid for by myself. I loved the food and felt they deserved a good shout-out.

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