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New Routes Malaga 2017

New Flights/Routes to Malaga 2017

Skyscanner is a brilliant way to check flights


New Routes to Malaga 2017

(some routes announced but commence 2018)

Aegean Airlines Malaga – Athens (June 2018 – Sept 2o18)

Eurowings Malaga – Munich (January 2018)

Air Malta Malaga – Malta (March 2018)

Primera Air Malaga – Birmingham (May 2018)

Primera Air Malaga – Stansted  (April 2018)

Primera Air Malaga – Riga (May 2018)

Primera Air Malaga – Billund (Dec 2017)

Primera Air Malaga – Alborg (April 2018)

Primera Air Malaga – Copenhagen (Nov 2017)

Primera Air Malaga – Reykjavik (June 2018)

Primera Air Malaga – Stockholm (April 2018)

Ryanair – Malaga to Amsterdam

Ryanair – Malaga to Bremen

Ryanair – Malaga to Dortmund

Ryanair – Malaga to Frankfurt

Ryanair – Malaga to Prague

Ryanair – Malaga to Santander

Ryanair – Malaga to Wroclaw

SAS – Malaga to Helsinki

British Airways – Bristol to Malaga

British Airways – Birmingham to Malaga

British Airways – Manchester to Malaga

Jet 2 – London Stansted to Malaga

 Some Tips When Booking Flights

Before booking your flight to Malaga, take a few things into consideration.

  • Hiring A Car?  If you are hiring a car, please note that the car hire companies do close, some at midnight and some at 2am in the summer months, so avoid the last flights in case of delay.  Be sure to read the small print on your car hire voucher. Also, don´t forget to add your flight number when booking your car.


  • Taking the Bus or Train? The last train and bus is on or before midnight, so if you book a cheap, late night flight it could cost you an expensive taxi journey.


  • Collecting Keys for your accommodation – if you have hired an apartment or villa, be sure of the times you can collect keys.


  • Booking different airlines for your outbound and inbound journeys?  Be sure about the luggage allowances as different airlines will vary.  You don´t want to be charged extra.


  • Travelling is stressful and not knowing where you are sitting or if you will be sitting together as a family adds even more stress.  Book your seats to avoid this agro.


Gibralatar Airport

Granada Airport

Jerez Airport

Seville Airport

Weather Forecast

Today 02/220%
Abundant sunshine. High 17C. Winds W at 15 to 25 km/h.
Tomorrow 02/230%
Sunny, along with a few afternoon clouds. High around 15C. NW winds shifting to SE at 15 to 25 km/h.
Partly Cloudy
Saturday 02/240%
Partly Cloudy
Sunshine and clouds mixed. High around 15C. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 km/h.


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