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Malaga Airport – Keep Calm, it´s just Security

Security at Malaga Airport

Airport Security – It is annoying, frustrating and sometimes rather intimidating, but it´s necessary. You must remember that this is for all of our safety, yet why do we hate it so much?  Stressing, moaning and not keeping calm isn´t going to make this process any more enjoyable or quicker and is costing you your belongings.  Every day we receive emails about all the items people have left behind at security; iPhones, iPads, keys, wallets & cameras. Don’t let this happen to you!

Here are some tips we hope will help you get through Airport Security calmly and with all your belongings.  Remember, this is just a few minutes out of your life, which is for your own and your family´s security.

Tip 1 – Packing

If you have hand luggage, put all liquids, creams, including medication in one plastic bag. Have it handy in a front pocket so its easily accessible. Any bottles of water or juice get rid off – don’t try to sneak them through!

Tip 2 – Clothing

Airports can be very hot and even more so if you are stressed. Regarding clothing be comfortable and don’t wear too many items as you will have to remove your belt, necklaces, watches, bracelets, boots, scarves, hats. So our advice is keep it simple and be comfortable.

Tip 3 – Prepare

After Check-In and just before security, pull over at a safe quiet spot. Prepare yourself and your kids calmly. Remove your watches, empty your pockets and put everything, including your Passport inside your coat pocket or bag. Don’t just throw everything loose in a tray in panic. Have your Plastic Bag of liquids and any laptops / iPads / Electricals easily accessible.

Tip 4 – The Security Check

Don´t panic or get stressed. This is a really annoying part of travel, but remember it is for your own security. People shouting to you “place this here, place this there, no liquids, boots off, belts off”, its not a relaxing situation, but its not meant to be. Just bear in mind this is for your safety and just move along calmly and smoothly. Getting stressed, huffing and puffing isn´t going to get you through any faster.  The more stressed you are the more stressed your kids will become.

Tip 5 – Trays & Xray

Often you maybe called through the security check before your bag has even entered the Xray machine. This is why we advise you to take your time to prepare beforehand and don’t leave anything valuable or sentimental loose in the trays.  Be sure of how many trays you have and zip all bags and pockets up tight so it can’t fall out or go missing.

Tip 6 – Collecting Items

This part can be the most chaotic. Simply pick up your trays calmly and move away from the security belt to a quieter place. Be sure how many trays you had. Get yourself dressed and be sure you have your passports & boarding cards, don’t forget to put your watch and jewellery back on to save a panic later on.

Flying is what it is. Check-in, Security, Passports, Gate, Boarding, Flight and maybe delays. We cannot change it, so we may as well just go along with it in the calmest way we possibly can.

Keep Calm & Enjoy Your Holiday

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