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Restaurants In Puerto Banus

Restaurants In Puerto Banus

You will find every kind of restaurant in Puerto Banus you can imagine,  Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, American, Indian, Italian, Greek and Spanish.   Should it be your first time to Puerto Banus before, the Port itself is quite small,  you can walk from one end to the other in just a few minutes.

Most of the Puerto Banus Restaurants are on the FrontLine of Puerto Banus.  Places like La Sala and Mr Noodles are a few minutes walk away under the bridge going towards Nueva Andalucia, the other side of the main road.



Zoom in, out and around. The red pins are some of the more popular restaurants in Puerto Banus and our favourites mentioned below.

Our Favourites in Puerto Banus

We don´t often eat out in Puerto Banus, but when we do, we have a couple of favourites.  For Spanish Tapas we do like Taberna Del Pinxto which is opposite El Corte Ingles behind La Moraga.  Choose your own cold tapas or wait for the hot tapas to come around, (just keep hold of the sticks!).  Casa Blanca has recently opened near McDonalds.  You can eat here very cheaply with a few plates to share or some individual tapas.  La Moraga is also very nice, but in peak season you may need to book.

Everyones favourite is Picassos Pizzeria on the frontline of Puerto Banus, reasonably priced and very quick.  The portions are huge so be sure to share!   For a quick snack there is Starbucks inside El Corte Ingles,  Next to this is Rodilla which have a great selection of sandwiches and salads and is very cheap.    Upstairs in El Corte Ingles the Restaurants area has had an incredibly reform recently and looks fantastic.

Menu Del Dia

Menu del Dia is Menu of the Day.  Many places offer this but only at lunch time.  If you are on a budget, it could be worth your while taking your family out to lunch rather than dinner where you can get a 2 or 3 course lunch including drink for anything from 8€ to 20€.  Whilst there won’t be many places with Menu Del Dia in Puerto Banus, just up the road in Nueva Andalucia, La Campana, San Pedro and Marbella you will find lots of places offering this.  We personally LOVE Menu Del Dias and if you want to know some of our favourite places you can come and chat with us on our Facebook Page.

Tipping in Restaurants

Restaurants don’t normally include tips in their bill so you need to add that on. The word tip in Spanish is Probina and tipping is about 10%. It never used to be so high but the English like to tip and the Spanish have become use to it. In most places we believe the tips are all shared out between all the staff.   If you are just taking a coffee its really not necessary to tip.  Cover Charge has started creeping in to some of the restaurants charging anything from 1€ to 6€ per person.  Its a bit annoying when its bread  you prefer not to have, you could refuse it, but some restaurants will charge you anyway.

Food Poisoning/Spanish Tummy

Many people come on holiday here and get “Spanish Tummy”. We´ve all been there at some point in our lives, but from our personal experiences in the summer becareful of pork, prawns, shellfish, cheese and mayonnaise that may have been left out for a while – especially in Tapas Restaurants.  The same applies in the winter when restaurants are a little quieter.   We do tend to drink bottled water when we are out, but in the home we filter the tap water.   If you are ill whilst on holiday the doctors always recommend no food with lots of water and Aquarius (which is like Lucozade) followed by a white diet.

Cutting down your Bill

If you are on a budget or just dislike throwing food away do watch what you order in the restaurants. Spanish have no problem with people sharing,  for them sharing is what its all about.   If you watch the Spanish eat, they generally share a starter / salad between 2 or 3, then have a main course each followed by 1 dessert to share.    Often we go out with friends to our favourite Argentinian, there will be 4 of us and we will have 2 starters and 2 mains to share.  The bill is half the amount, no waste and you don´t leave feeling so full you feel sick.

If you have fussy kids, Picassos Pizzeria Puerto Banus is everyones favourite.  They can do a smaller pizza or they are happy splitting a big pizza in half with two different toppings.  They also have an Early Bird offer of 30% off the total bill between 4.30pm and 7pm.  When it comes to wine,  the Spanish wine is really good so it’s pretty safe to go for the House Wine (Vino de la Casa).  Also, don´t forget about Menu Del Dia for lunches!

Puerto Banus Guide

You may also be interested in Puerto Banus Hotels, Shopping, El Corte Ingles, Beach Clubs, Restaurants, Bars, however, if you have any questions you can come and chat with us and thousands of others on our Facebook Page.

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