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Beach Clubs In Puerto Banus

Guide to  Beaches & Beach Clubs In Puerto Banus

First of all, we wish to start this page with an important message.  Summer 2016, 12 people lost their lives on the Costa Del Sol Beaches. People totally disregarded the rough waters and in some cases the Red Flags, putting many lives at risk.  Please go to beaches where there are Lifeguards, Flag Warnings and respect the waters.

As you can see Puerto Banus Beaches run either side of the Port and there is a huge range of Chiringuitos (Beach Bars/Restaurants) and Beach Clubs to choose from.  There are a few different beaches along Puerto Banus, Playa Nueva Andalucia,  Playa de Puerto Banus and further along towards Marbella, Playa Rio Verde.

Where the the Red Pins are on this map are all the Chiringuitos & Beach Clubs mentioned below.   Regarding advertising on this map, please see bottom of page.

Playa Nueva Andalucia

This area is great if you have young kids as there are numerous coves which generally are quite calm.  Costa Water Park is close by which the little kids and big kids will love.  There are also places to rent pedalos, jet skis and all the other water activities you can imagine.   We normally drive down towards the Gran Hotel Guadalpin, park in the car park on the right.  It´s then about a 5 minute walk to the Water Park.  Whilst the kids are on the Inflatables we normally have a coffee at Los Epigones.  You can also rent sunbeds here too for around 6€.

Here are the 3 main Chiringuitos in this area with direct links through to their Facebook Pages so you can see for yourself what people are saying and read reviews.

Playa Puerto Banus

Playa de Puerto Banus is great wide beach with lots of places to hire sunbeds, sit, eat and drink.  The Chiringuitos all seem pretty reasonable considering the location.  This area also has Public Toilets, Showers and most importantly a Life Guard.  Sunbeds  cost anything from 6€ to 10€.  There is also a small kids play area and exercise machines close by.

If you are within walking distance to this beach, great.  If not and you need to drive, think about where you are going to leave your car all day.  There isn´t a lot of free parking so unless you get lucky you will have to leave your car on Pay and Display or leave it in a car park.    Along this beach you will find these places to eat and drink. Links will direct you through to their Facebook Pages.

Beach Clubs Puerto Banus

If you read gossip magazines like Hello, Heat and Now, throughout the summer you will see pictures of all the celebrities at either The Ocean Club, La Sala by the Sea or Plaza Beach. Basically these are very glitzy beach clubs where you go to be seen. They are full of young people, some from reality shows like TOWIE and Made In Chelsea, but many of these young people save all year to mingle with the “rich and famous” and cover each other in champagne at the famous but expensive “Spray Parties”.  Its all about the look and the ladies will be in full hair, make up and high heels.


You may come across parking areas with a guys wearing a illuminous jacket.  Now, they will stand there and some will ask you for money some won’t, but will expect it.  This is a bit of a grey area, we do not believe that you legally have to give money, however, if you don´t speak the language you may feel a bit intimidated.  50cents or a 1€ to park conveniently in a safe place, personally its worth it, especially if you are going be all day at the beach.

Beach Tips



  • Please understand the Beach Flag Warnings
  • Go to beaches where there are Life Guards & Flags
  • Do NOT go in if there is a Red Flag!
  • Babies / Toddlers – please use specific Swim Nappies
  • Lilos and inflatables can be really dangerous in the sea, take care.
  • Before running and diving into the sea check where the rocks are.
  • Be sure you and your family know what to do in a Rip Tide, it happens here!
  • Most reason people feel ill is due to heat stroke.  Keep hydrated!
  • Hottest parts of the day is between 1pm and 5pm


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