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Marbella Restaurants

Guide to Recommended Marbella Restaurants

Looking for a place to eat in Marbella?. You could be wandering around all night as there are hundreds to choose from. Also, don´t forget that you have Marbella as in Marbella Old Town and Marbella as the area.

To narrow your search a little, you can always contact us via our Malaga Facebook Page and ask for recommendations if you need. Between us, our followers on Twitter & Facebook and regular readers, Im sure we can find a great restaurant for you.

There are many websites with lists as long as your arm with all the restaurants, what we have found is as soon as one restaurant opens, another closes and its so difficult to keep the lists up to date. This is why we would love you to get in contact so we can give you the most up-to-date advice instantly.

There are all sorts of restaurants at all different levels and you may be interested to know that there are numerous Michelin Star Restaurants in the area too.  El Lago, Skina and Dani Garcia Con Tradition.  All 3 are well worth a visit for a special occassion and the experience.

Some of our Favourite Places

Now, we are terrible creatures of habit and we like to eat out regularly and not too expensive, so our list of Restaurants is quite small, but here are some of our favourites.


Some of our favourite places for tapas are La Taberna Del Pinxto and LeKune, both places you help yourself or wait for the food to come round and keep the sticks which they use to add the bill up at the end.  La Paca and Compassion are right in the Old Town, another couple of favourites.  We also love Back Tapas and Restaurant, which has a mix of tapas and main courses.

Meat Lovers

For meat you cannot beat Argentinian! Patagonica is our absolute favourite and their sister restaurant Origen, both in Marbella.  Back Tapas & Restaurant also is one of our favourits,


The best places for us are Paellas y Mas and Los Mellizos.  We love Paellas y Mas as there is a great choice of different Paellas and if you have any allergies the chef is really good and happy to change the ingredients.  Also a great range of salads, fish and meat.

Other Restaurants

Mas Que Pizza is great for a cheap bite to eat with a mix of burgers, pizzas, salads.  We also really like this Italian called La Fontanilla, a great family restaurant with superb salads, meats, pasta and pizzas.

A few pointers…

Having lived here for quite a few years now, we really enjoy tapas and sharing. Even when not eating in a tapas restaurant, we often share a couple of plates between us. Don´t be worried about everyone having their own dish, especially with young kids, who may not eat it all. Spanish are used to people sharing dishes. It´s the way it is!

Regarding choosing a wine, Spanish wines are great wines, so when you receive the wine list, the house wines really are a good choice. Don’t feel you have to go for the more expensive.

Food Poisoning, unfortunately many people suffer with the ´Spanish Tummy´whilst here on holiday. If you do have a sensitive stomach becareful of shellfish, chicken, mayonese in the heath and tapas bars where the tapas has been sitting out for quite a while.

Regarding tipping, restaurants and waiters are now accustomed to their 10% or more that us Brits started. It wasn´t like this before, in big groups the done thing was to leave 1 euro per person. If you are just taking a quick coffee, there is no need to leave a tip, although we do usually leave 10 cents per person.

If you have any questions you can also chat on our Forum, The Costa Del Sol Travel Forum.

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