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Guide to the Sales In Spain

sales in SpainLooking for Property Sales?  Don’t just click out, maybe we can help.  Just send us a message through our Facebook Page letting us know what you require and we can give you some of our own personal advice or put you in touch with someone else that can.

The Shopping Sales in Spain have improved.  When we first moved it,  the sales were only twice a year, but now, all year round are ´Special Offers´.  El Corte Ingles often have 30% discounts, or ´Semana de Oro´and The Inditex Group also have regular offers.

Black Friday has now turned into a long weekend of up to 30% and then you have the main summer sales and winter sales which is where you will get the best discounts.

When do the Summer Sales start in Spain?

The summer sales generally start 1st July and they run until 31st August.   After a couple of weeks, come the ´segunda rebajas´, (second reductions), then normally an offer of an extra 20% off, followed by the third reductions, (not that I know anything about the sales ;)).  El Corte Ingles and normally the Inditex Group, ( Zara, Massimo Dutti, Bershka and all the others) stick to these sale dates, whilst some other shops have become clever and started a little earlier, like Mango and Blanco.

When do the Christmas sales start in Spain?

The first day of the winter sales in Spain is normally around 7th January and they run until 1st March. The sales normally start the day after Three Kings Day (which is the Spanish equivalent to Christmas Day 12th Night).  It seems crazy that the kids break up from school around December 23rd, get their presents January 6th and go back to school on the 7th.  Many Spanish have changed over the years and do now give presents on the 24th/25th December.   Leading up to Christmas there is Black Friday which is now the whole weekend from Friday to Monday with up to 30% discount, so its worth looking out for this.  The returns policy is pretty good too,  from around November you have until January to return it if it is a Christmas Present.

What sort of discounts can I expect to get?

Discounts can vary. Some brands are smart and go straight to 50% off whilst everyone is in the mood for a bargain, whilst others start with 20% – 40%.    As I have mentioned above, El Corte Ingles generally start their sales and then a couple week after have second reductions, followed by an extra 20% off.   Do ask what the last price is as often it doesn’t say it on the ticket.  Also, don’t be surprised if one day something is reduced to 30€ and then back up to 50€.  Its worth signing up to El Corte Ingles Newsletter.

What are the opening hours?

Most shopping centres are open from 10am to 10pm. High Street shop hours will vary but generally close around 9pm. From July 1st until September, El Corte Ingles in Puerto Banus, La Cañada, Miramar are all open on Sundays, but do check the direct websites beforehand.  There are also numerous Bank Holidays where all the shopping centres are open too but once again, to avoid disappointment, give them a call or check the website.

Can I exchange or get a refund at shops in Spain?

Yes you can, but not in all of them.  El Corte Ingles is generally pretty good, but do ask if you can have a refund if buying from one of the concessions as some of these do not give money back, only exchange.  El Corte Ingles give 1 month or maybe longer as long as you have your receipt they are pretty good. The Inditex Group (Zara, Massimo Dutti) are also really good with receipt.

There are other shops that will only give you an exchange or a ´Vale´(credit note).  Just be sure the shop will be around as I have had a vale before and then the shop closed down.  When buying bikinis and swimming costumes ask if these can be returned.  I have learnt that they normally can be as long as it has the protected strip still on, so when buying be sure the strip is there in the first place.    If you feel you haven´t been treated right you can ask for the Libro de Reclamaciones, the formal complaints book, but as long as you do have your receipt, most shops are quite good now.

When buying Electrical items, I personally like El Corte Ingles.  They often have offers on all electrical items and even if they are a little more than other shops, with the guarantee its worth it.  Some other shops, after 7 days if there is a problem, you may have to take it somewhere for repair.  I really do like El Corte Ingles and think its worth buying through them for their returns policy.

If you have any questions and would like to chat with us, come to our Facebook Page.

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