Malaga Trains

Malaga Airport Trains

There is a train station at Malaga Airport. Malaga Airport Train Station is on the Cercanias Line, a “local line” and the station is called “Aeropuerto”.    The train goes as far as Fuengirola and Álora. The train offers a brilliant service, cheap, clean and efficient, and worth considering when booking accommodation.

A quick idea of train times from Malaga Airport

  • Malaga Airport to Torremolinos –  10 minutes
  • Malaga Airport to Benalmadena  17 minutes
  • Malaga Airport to Los Boliches 30 minutes
  • Malaga Airport to Fuengirola  34 minutes

Where is the Train Station at Malaga Airport?

Málaga airport train station - Credit: Markus Mainka /
Airport train station – Credit: Markus Mainka /

As you leave Terminal 3 Arrivals Hall, ahead of you is a ticket office. Continue walking, passing the bus stops and just a little further, you will come to the Train Station (2/3 minutes walk). If you arrive from the departures area upstairs, you can walk along and take a lift or escalators down to the Train Station.

How far is the train station from Malaga Airport.

As you leave the arrivals hall, it´s a 2/3 minute walk to Malaga Airport Train Station.

Malaga Airport Cercanias Line

Malaga Airport Train Station is on the Malaga Cercanias Line (local line), and on the map below, you can see where the train stops. It goes as far along the Coast as Fuengirola and then as far Inland as Álora.   Once you understand how it all works, what tickets you need and where to get off, it´s a pretty straightforward, quick and very cheap way of getting around; if you´re staying within easy reach of one of the stations of course!

Should you be travelling further than Fuengirola, for example, Estepona, San Pedro or Marbella, you need to take a bus, book a transfer or take a taxi.   After Fuengirola, the only public transport we have are buses.

Malaga Train Station

Buying Tickets at Malaga Airport Train Station

As you enter the train station, there are several self-service ticket machines where you can buy your tickets. The machines take cash and cards. They can be a little confusing, so take your time and please do watch your bags around the station.

If you need help, there usually is someone around who you can ask. There are escalators and a lift for a wheelchair or scooter to go down to the waiting area. Once downstairs, you´ll find vending machines with drinks and snacks and lots of information on excursions that may be of interest.

How much is the Train Fare from Malaga Airport?

  • Single Tickets 1/2 Zones 1.80€, 3 Zones 2.05€, 4 Zones 2.70€, 5 Zones 3.60€
  • You can buy monthly travel passes which will work out cheaper if you use frequently
  • You can buy Bonotren, a set of 10 tickets you can use between you
  • Children under 6 years travel for free – 2 children per adult
  • Discounts for groups of 10 or more, pensioners, people with reduced mobility and Familia Numerous (large families). We advise you to check directly at Málaga Airport Train Station Tickets.

Malaga Airport to Malaga City

If you´re travelling into Malaga City, the journey is around 12 minutes. Trains start at 06:44 am and run until 12.54 am from the airport. They run every 20-35 minutes depending on the time of day.     For ticket prices, go to Málaga Cercanias.   If you´re staying within Malaga City, there is also the Málaga Metro.

Malaga Airport to Fuengirola

The first train from Malaga Airport to the direction of  Fuengirola leaves the airport at 5.32 am, running every 20-35 minutes until 11.42 pm.

Malaga Airport to Torremolinos – 5 stopsJourney time around 10 minutes
Malaga Airport to Benalmadena – 8 stopsJourney time around 17 minutes
Malaga Airport to Los Boliches – 11 stopsJourney time around 30 minutes
Malaga Airport to Fuengirola  – 12 stopsJourney time around 34 minutes

These are just 4 of the most popular stops, but there are 24 local stops going in the other direction to locations, including Pizarra, Álora and Cartama.

Málaga airport to Fuengirola - Credit: Roberto Sorin /
Málaga airport to Fuengirola – Credit: Roberto Sorin /

Can I Take Bikes on the Train?

You can take one bike per person. If the train is busy, you may not be allowed to enter and be asked to wait for the next train—all details about Bikes on Trains at Malaga here.

Is Malaga Airport Train Station Wheelchair Friendly?

Yes, there are lifts to take you down to the trains at Malaga. You need to check below about the other lift and wheelchair access stations along the Coast.  Torremolinos there is no access.

Malaga Cercanias Station With Lifts

We have been informed by Renfe, the train company, that all Malaga Cercanias Lines either have a lift, a ramp or easy access for people with reduced mobility that use wheelchairs, with the exception of Torremolinos. If you travel to any of these stations and have difficulties accessing them, please let others know on our Facebook Group (link below).

Malaga Airport Train to other Cities

If you´re travelling to Córdoba, Madrid, Seville, or anywhere else, take the train from Malaga Airport for four stops to Málaga Maria Zambrano Station, a fantastic Station and Shopping Centre. The AVE High-Speed Trains are brilliant, and if you have a few spare days, we highly recommend getting out and travelling around. Here´s a map of all the Train Stations in Andalucia.

Other FAQs

Can you take a train from Malaga Airport to Marbella?

No, you can only go as far as Fuengirola. You can take the direct bus mentioned above or the train to Fuengirola and bus from there.

How often do the trains run from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola

They run every 20 mins or so. Always check the timetables as they may vary slightly.

How much is the train from Malaga Airport to Malaga Centre?

Malaga Airport to the Malaga Centre will cost 1.80€. You can see the Malaga Train Zone map above.

  • 1/2 Zones 1.80€
  • 3 Zones 2.05€
  • 4 Zones 2.70€
  • 5 Zones 3.60€

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