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Direct Buses from Malaga Airport

Direct Buses from Malaga Airport to Marbella, Estepona & Algeciras -The Summer Timetables

For those of you travelling by bus from Malaga Airport to Marbella, Estepona or Algeciras, these are the general timetables for the summer months until around September 15th 2017.

Please do double check your exact date and time of arrival as times may vary, especially at weekends.  You can buy tickets in advance, at the ticket office on arrival at Malaga Airport, or if this is closed you can pay on board.  As you leave arrivals you will see  behind the ticket office 3 bus stops, you need the middle bus stop.

Check the exact dates and times here on the Avanza Portillo website Malaga Airport Direct Bus Timetables.  For more information on all other Malaga Airport Buses click here.

Malaga Airport to Marbella

Malaga to Marbella Bus

Malaga Airport to Estepona

Malaga Airport Bus to Estepona Summer Timetable

Malaga Airport to Algeciras

Malaga to Algeciras Summer Bus Timetable

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