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Restaurants In Puerto Banus

Restaurants In Puerto Banus

There are literally hundreds of restaurants around Puerto Banus, offering something for everyone.

There is such a variety food in such a small area that it is impossible to write about every single one, so we have just listed the main ones and some of our favourites with personal reviews.

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Menu Del Dia

Menu del DiaMany restaurants offer a Menu Del Dia (Menu of the Day). They can range from 8€ to 30€ for 2 or 3 courses sometimes including drinks.

You will find the cheapest ones in the local Spanish Areas . . ..like La Campana or San Pedro. In the actual port of Puerto Banus you will find that many have 3 courses for 12 or 15€.

Our personal favourite is Il Ristorante in La Campana. 15€ for 3 courses plus drinks and the food is superb – but you have to book because it’s so good and so popular.

If you are on a budget, the Menu del Dia is a great idea and then you can have something light to eat in the evening.


Tipping in Restaurants

Restaurants don’t normally include tips in their bill so you need to add that on. The word tip in Spanish is Probina. Tipping is about 10%. It never used to be so high but the English like to tip and the Spanish have got used to it.

It’s not really necessary to tip for a coffee or a quick bit of tapas although I leave 10cents for each person drinking. If in a big group the custom used to be 1€ per person but nowadays most people still leave 10% of the bill.

Food Poisoning in Spain

Many people come on holiday here and get "Spanish Tummy". We´ve all been there at some point in our lives, but from our personal experiences in the summer be careful of pork, prawns, shellfish, cheese and mayonnaise that may have been left out for a while – especially in Tapas Restaurants.

The same applies in the winter when restaurants are a little quieter and maybe not selling so much and watch out for places with food uncovered where flies are buzzing around.

We always drink bottled water, but many of our friends drink water straight from the tap and have no problems.

Cutting down your Bill

If you are on a budget watch what you eat in the restaurant. Is three courses each really necessary?

If you watch the Spanish eat they generally share a starter / salad between 2 or 3, then have a main course.

We have often seen three people share one pizza and a salad. Don’t feel you have to order a plate each.

Look for places which serve kids meals . . . the best value is Picasso’s . . . if ordering a pizza ask them to split it between 2 plates. Generally not a problem.

The Spanish wine is really good so it’s pretty safe to go for the House Wine (vino de la casa).

By Joanne Ingram – Google+

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