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Malaga Airport Shopping

Malaga Airport ShoppingMalaga Airport Shopping has come a long way in the past few years.  There really wasn´t much in the way of shopping before Terminal 3 was built a few years ago.  Yet now we have brands like GAP, Victoria Secrets, Superdry and many other high street names which have really brought the airport alive and more shops still look set to arrive in the future.

Unlike some of the big airports in the UK, most of the shops are Passenger Zone only.  The only shops that are available to the public in the Departures Lounge are Travel Mate, Superskunk, Sunglasses Hut and Relay Newsagents.

If you are looking for places to eat and drink here´s our Guide to Bars & Restaurants at Malaga Airport.  In the public departures lounge there is Starbucks  and numerous other cafes where you can sit and take a drink before saying your goodbyes.

Duty Free Shopping

If you are travelling within EU countries you do not have to pay tax or duty if the following applies.  Whilst there are no limits, there is a certain level which should you go over, you may be questioned about.

  • transport them yourself
  • will use them yourself or give them away as a gift
  • have paid duty and tax in the country where you bought them

If you are Travelling from Outside the EU, you can bring a certain amount of goods for your own use without paying duty or tax but the following must also apply.

  • transport them yourself
  • use them yourself or give them away as a gift

We have provided details on your duty free allowances In Spain.


When wandering around the shops, remember to have your boarding pass handy as they still ask for it here.   Do keep an eye on your Boarding Gate and Time, you may still need to go through passports and its easy to get distracted whilst shopping.

There are 7 Duty Free Shops within Malaga Airport.  All are Passenger Zone only and mainly in Terminal 3, one Duty Free Shop is in Terminal 2 and there is also a small Duty Free shop as you collect your baggage just before Arrivals Terminal 3.  All sell liquor, cigarettes, cigars, perfumes, makeup and souvenirs.  If you need to ask a specific question you can give the Duty Free Shops a call on 00 34 912 742 542 or their website is www.worlddutyfreegroup.com

If you require medical items, there is a pharmacy in Terminal 3 Departures Public Zone.  Once you pass security there are Parafarmacia Vending Machines which sell many items including first aid, hygiene products, baby food, facial and body care items.  They are situated close to Passports Control.  Brilliant machines, they really do have practically everything you need.

The duty shops vary their opening times, whilst the main Duty Free shop is open from 5.30am to 12.30am, others are open from 7am until 10pm. Time vary depending on days and holidays.

All the other shops vary in time from 6am until 11pm.  If there is a specific shop you want to know if it is open, come and chat with us on our Facebook Page.

Duty Free Shops

Express ShopsOpen 7.30am to 11pm.  Numerous Duty Free Shops in Terminal 2 & 3
World Duty Free Group arrivals shopOpen 7.30am to 12.30am.  A small shop as you collect your baggage in Terminal 3 Arrivals
The ShopOpen 4.30am to 12.30am / 1.30am depending on days.This is the main shop as you pass security.

Fashion Shops

Adolfo DominguezOpen 7.30am to 10pm.  Men and women´s clothing.
PitstopBrands Ferrari, Ducati and Lamborghini, fashion and accessories
GAPOpen 7am to 10pm. Men, Women, Kids & Babies.
LOL KidsOpen 7.30am to 11pm. Toys and children’s clothing.
YourFashionStoreOpen 8am to 10.15pm.
ParfoisOpen 7.30am to 10pm. Accessories, hats, jewellery, bags.
Sunglass HutOpen 7am to 9pm
SuperdryOpen 7am to 10pm.  Men & Womens Clothing
The Fashion GalleryOpen 8am to 10.15pm
Travel MateOpen 7am to 9pm.  Terminal 3 Public Zone
DesigualOpen 8am to 10pm
Victoria’s SecretOpen 5.30am to 10.30pm (times can change)
Relay NewsagentsOpen 7am to 10pm.  Newsagents, papers, magazines, sweets etc.

Gifts, Home, Electronics

Super skunkSituated in both Public & Passenger Zones.  Gifts, Homeware, Bits & Bobs.
Crystal Media ShopOpen 8am to 10pm / 11pm depending on days.  Electronics, music, games, photographic, computer equipment.


Raquel Troyano JewelsOpen 9am to 9pm/11pm depending on days. This is situated in the VIP Lounge.
SwarovskiOpen 7.30am to 10pm.  Beautiful Jewellery, Pens and accessories.  


LOL SweetsOpen 7.30am to 11pm. Kids heaven!!!
Petro MoraOpen 8am to 9.30pm.  Lovely produce including Hams, Cheeses, Olive Oils.

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