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Flights to Malaga Airport

UK Airports and Airlines Which Offer Flights to Malaga

Belfast to MalagaRyanair, Jet2 & EasyJet operate flights from Belfast International to Malaga
Belfast George BestAerLingus
Birmingham to MalagaRyanair, Monarch, Norwegian, Vueling, Thomson Airlines, Jet 2 (March 2017)
Blackpool to MalagaJet 2 no longer fly
Bournemouth to MalagaRyanair operates flights from Bournemouth to Malaga
Bristol to MalagaRyanair, Easyjet, British Airways (summer 2017) & Thomson Airlines
Cardiff to MalagaVueling and Thomson Flights operate direct flights from Cardiff to Malaga
Cork to MalagaAerLingus & Ryanair
Doncaster to MalagaThomson & Flybe Airlines
Dublin to MalagaAerLingus and Ryanair offer flights from Dublin to Malaga
East Midlands to MalagaRyanair, Jet2, Monarch & Thomson
Edinburgh to MalagaJet2, Ryanair & Norweigan Airines
Exeter to MalagaFlybe operates flights from Exeter to Malaga.
Gatwick to MalagaEasyJet, Monarch, Norwegian Airlines, Thomson Airways and British Airways
Glasgow to MalagaEasyJet, Jet2, British Airways, Ryanair (November 2017)
Prestwick to MalagaRyanair
Heathrow to MalagaBritish Airways
Leeds to MalagaRyanair, Jet 2 & Monarch
Liverpool to MalagaThe low cost airlines easyJet and Ryanair operate flights from Liverpool John Lennon to Malaga
London City to MalagaBACityFlyer operates flights from London City Airport to Malaga
Luton to MalagaEasyJet, Monarch and Thomson Airways operate flights from London Luton to Malaga
Manchester to MalagaThomson Airways, EasyJet, Jet2, Ryanair, Monarch& Norweigan.  British Airways from May 19th.
Newcastle to MalagaEasyJet, Jet2.com, Ryanair and Thomson Flights operate flights from Newcastle to Malaga
Newquay to MalagaStill no flights from Newquay to Malaga
Norwich to MalagaFlybe
Shannon to MalagaAerLingus and Ryanair operate flights from Shannon to Malaga
Southampton to MalagaFlybe operate flights from Southampton to Malaga
Southend to MalagaEasyJet operate flights from London Southend Airport to Malaga
Stansted to MalagaBA, Easyjet & Ryanair, Jet 2

Further Information On Flights To Malaga Airport

Malaga is so easy to get to from the UK & Ireland making it a very popular place to come on holiday.  In 2016  it was great to see so many new flight routes added to Malaga, so much so, they even had to open the second runway at Easter to cope with the extra amount of flights and passengers passing through the airport. A busy Malaga Airport also means a busy Costa Del Sol, and we can tell you this year so far has been one of the busiest since the recession.  Restaurants and bars have been packed and at Easter we couldn’t even get a reservation in some of our favourite restaurants.

Another reason that makes the Costa Del Sol popular is that from the UK, flights are only around 2.5 hours long and Spain is always one hour ahead of the UK which also helps.  So you get the sunshine without the jetlag.

Below is a list of airlines from each UK Airport.  If you cannot find flights or times that you need, you could also look at Gibraltar Airport which is actually nearer to areas like Estepona than Malaga.  Other Airports that are 90 to 120 minutes away are also Jerez, Seville and Granada.

We love Spain and if you have the opportunity of flying into one of these airports and driving through we would highly recommend it.  Granada, Seville and Jerez are all fantastic Cities to visit.  If you want some advice or have any questions about these areas, just ask us on Facebook.

Looking for Internal Spain Flights or New Routes to Malaga.  Another great website to check flights is Skyscanner.  You can select direct or stopover and the times you prefer to depart and return.  As soon as you have booked your flights we recommend booking your hire car as soon as possible for the best price.

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